chongkho inbaac com: Rice income insurance 2564/65 Check status, check the right to receive the difference in rice price every 33 installments via chongkho inbaac com how to get money. Rice Income Insurance 2064/22 or Rice Farmers Income Insurance Scheme 2064/22, which takes care of rice farmers covering more than 4.68 million households, will receive money directly into the account with transparency from the government.

chongkho inbaac com Check “Rice Income Insurance Money 2064/22.”

Rice Income Insurance Money

The CHONGKHO INBAAC COM pays under the Rice Farmers Income Insurance Program of 2064/65 more than 13.2 billion baht to farmers who grow five types of rice, jasmine paddy. Jasmine rice paddy outside the area paddy Pathum Thani Fragrant Rice and glutinous paddy by paying the first day on November 9, more than 492,000 cases, totaling more than 10,900 million baht.

Conditions for paying insurance for rice income

Rice Farmers Income Insurance Project Year 2064/22 Round 1, by specifying the Price and the amount of income insurance are Price of moisture not more than 15%, not more than 40 rai per household, except for non-glutinous rice, not more than 50 rai, with compensation for the number of tons of each type of rice as follows:

  • Hom Mali Paddy, price 15,000 baht/ton, no more than 14 tons per household
  • Hom Mali paddy outside the area, priced at 14,000 baht/ton, no more than 16 tons per household.
  • Paddy rice, Price 10,000 baht/ton, no more than 30 tons per household
  • Pathumthani fragrant paddy, price 11,000 baht/ton, no more than 25 tons per household
  • Glutinous paddy, Price 12,000 baht/ton, no more than 16 tons per household

Criteria for payment of income insurance

  • Farmers must register rice growers for 2064/65 with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.
  • Must notify the expected date of harvesting. To be used as Information about the period when farmers are entitled to compensation

The Department of Agricultural Extension submitted Information for the registration of rice farmers. Classified by harvesting time and calculating yield, use the total area registered for each type of rice planting multiplied by the average gain per rai to be the amount of production that must be compensated. But must not exceed the specified amount. Send to the CHONGKHO INBAAC COM for payment information. The CHONGKHO INBAAC COM will pay directly into the farmers’ account within three days of receiving the Price. The main criteria are referenced in each round from the subcommittee.

Check the insurance money for agricultural income

money for agricultural income

“Ratchada Thanadirek,” Deputy Government Spokesperson Revealed that you can wait to receive it at Bank and informs you to transfer the difference #Insurance for rice growers for the first time today (November 16. Oh, my God. ) directly into farmers’ accounts. In this draw, farmers who grow each type of rice will receive the highest difference, such as – Paddy rice. Get the difference up to 36,670 baht – Sticky rice. Get the difference up to 33,349 baht.

Farmers can check the right to get income insurance in years 65/66 today via chongkho inbaac com

Farmers can check the right to get income insurance

There are three steps to check your rights online:

  • Click on the website. https://chongkho.inchongkho inbaac
  • Fill in your 13-digit ID card number
  • After filling in your 13-digit ID card number, you will see account details, amount, and assistance programs received.

However, after checking on the website successfully, If there is information that the money has been transferred, You can check the balance yourself through the CHONGKHO INBAAC COM A-Mobile app from the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives.

In addition to farmers who grow rice, 4.68 million households will receive money by direct transfer to their accounts. The government continues to move forward with other supplementary measures. To provide Thai farmers with a better income and quality of life, for example, measures to prevent paddy prices from falling when large amounts of rice are sold to the market. There is a subsidy for farmers of 1,500 baht per rai per 1 ton of rice for rice farmers to slow down the sale of rice during this period. There is also a project to support management costs and improve the quality of rice farmers for 1,000 baht per rai to help farmers sustainably.

Channels to check income insurance for rice farmers year 2064/65

  • CHONGKHO INBAAC COM A-Mobile application 24 hours a day
  • Message notification of money credited to the account via LINE Official CHONGKHO INBAAC COM Family if the customer has applied for the CHONGKHO INBAAC COM Connect service.
  • go to website https://chongkho.inchongkho inbaac

By filling in the ID card number and pressing search. For those who receive money, the system will show Information that “Transfer money successfully” by delivering the project name, account number, transfer date, CHONGKHO INBAAC COM branch, and status

In addition, parallel measures were also prepare to slow down sales during the period of large volumes of production. It will help maintain stability in rice prices.

Important Information of chongkho inbaac com

Ministry of Commerce Informing the rice farmers’ income insurance program for the year 2563/64 (Round 1) and paying the difference compensation for the first installment on November 16. It can help farmers who grow each type of rice receive the highest difference.

  • Jasmine rice Income insurance is 15,000 baht per ton (not more than 14 tons), receiving a difference of 2,911 baht per ton and a difference of up to 40,756 baht.
  • Jasmine rice paddy outside the area Income insurance 14,000 baht per ton (not more than 16 tons), 2,137 baht per ton difference, receive up to 34,199 baht.
  • Paddy Income insurance is 10,000 baht per ton (not more than 30 tons), 1,222 baht per ton difference, receiving a maximum of 36,670 baht.
  • Pathumthani fragrant rice Income insurance is 11,000 baht per ton (not more than 25 tons), 1,066 baht per ton difference, receiving the difference up to 26,674 baht.


In this regard, the Cabinet or the Cabinet has approved Including the limit of the farmer income insurance project, divided into income insurance for rice farmers in the year 2563/21 with three parallel measures and a project to support management costs and improve the value of life of rice farmers in the 2020/21 production year, with a limit of 5.1 billion baht.

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