Tasmanian Devil Unzoo is a unique wildlife sanctuary offering up-close animal encounters, a Tasmanian native garden, and works of art.

Southeast Australia is rich and diverse in culture, landscapes, and its unique food offering. If you plan to visit this part of the world, you are in for an unforgettable culinary experience.

And what better way to immerse yourself in the food culture of the Southeast than through a private guided tour with the Tasmanian Devil at UnZoo?

Guided tour of Unzoo

Join the guided tour of Unzoo to gain an immersive wildlife experience. Focusing on Tasmanian devils, you will get insights into their life and behavior. Additionally, you can opt for a behind-the-scenes tour of the wildlife sanctuary, where you will learn about the efforts to protect and conserve endangered species.

Insights into the life of Tasmanian devils

At Unzoo, explore the Tasmanian devil’s world. Learn their eating habits and habitat preferences. Get close and personal with these creatures – touch and feel their fur. Understand the importance of protecting them and their environment.

At Unzoo, they aim to protect wildlife for future generations. Rare species, like colorful pigeons, white wallabies, and more, can be found in the park zones.

One visitor left with a new sense of appreciation for the environment. They had seen the recycling efforts at Unzoo and began to make changes in their own lives post-visit.

Be warned! This tour might make you wonder who the real problem is – humans or animals.

Behind-the-scenes tour of the wildlife sanctuary


Behind-the-scenes tour of the wildlife sanctuary


Unlock the secrets of Unzoo with a unique tour. Go behind the scenes to meet the extraordinary animals that live there. Get close to nature – an experience few have ever had!

Embark on an off-road adventure to discover the park’s wild beauty. Learn about animal behavior and conservation while exploring the park’s ecosystem. It’s perfect for families of all ages.

During your tour, enjoy interactive experiences that teach visitors how to reduce their carbon footprint. Understand Unzoo’s mission to impart sustainable living habits and gain valuable insight into conservation practices.

Food from South East Australia: A Unique Culinary Experience

Southeast Australia is popular for its culinary diversity, influenced by indigenous, British, and Asian traditions. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are at the heart of the region’s cuisine, and local chefs have masterfully fused these elements to create unique and delicious dishes.

Here’s a look at some of the culinary delights that await you in this region:

Fresh Seafood: With the Pacific Ocean coast within reach, southeastern Australia is famous for its fresh seafood. Try grilled Australian sea bass with lemon and herbs or fresh oysters with mignonette sauce.

Australian Lamb – Australia is known for its high-quality lamb. In this region, you can try dishes such as roast lamb with native herbs, which offer a unique and authentic flavor. Coffee and Wine: Melbourne, a major city in southeastern Australia, is famous for its world-class coffee scene. Enjoy an espresso or flat white at one of the many local coffee shops.

Additionally, the region is famous for its wine production, especially in the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula areas. A chardonnay or pinot noir wine from the region is an experience.

Asian Food: The Asian influence is evident in the variety of restaurants offering high-quality dishes from all over Asia. Try authentic Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Japanese food at local restaurants.

UnZoo and the Tasmanian Devil: A Unique Cultural and Gastronomic Experience

UnZoo and the Tasmanian Devil: A Unique Cultural and Gastronomic Experience

UnZoo is a one-of-a-kind zoo in South East Australia dedicated to conservation and education. But what makes UnZoo even more remarkable is its focus on local food and culture. The private guided tour with the Tasmanian Devil is an experience that perfectly combines animal viewing and delicious Southeastern food.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect during this unforgettable experience:

Tasmanian Devil Encounter:

The visit begins with an exciting encounter with the iconic Tasmanian Devil, Australia’s unique and emblematic species. You will learn about the history and conservation of these creatures while interacting with them in their natural environment.

Exploring Local Fauna and Flora:

As you venture through UnZoo, you can admire and learn about southeastern Australia’s fascinating flora and fauna. From native birds to marsupial species, you’ll immerse yourself in the region’s diverse wildlife.

Local Food Tasting:

The culinary experience occurs in a natural and peaceful environment, where you can enjoy authentic food from southeastern Australia. Fresh, local ingredients are used to prepare traditional dishes with a modern twist. Every bite is a delight to the palate, from fresh seafood to Australian lamb and organic vegetables.

Wine Pairing and Coffee Tasting:

A selection of local wines and quality coffee are offered as the perfect complement to the meal. A local sommelier will guide you through wine pairings, while an expert barista will prepare exceptional coffees for your enjoyment.

Cooking Lessons:

For those interested in learning more about South East Australian cuisine, UnZoo offers interactive cooking lessons. You will learn to prepare authentic dishes under the guidance of local chefs who are passionate about the region’s food and culture.

Interaction with Locals:

The experience at UnZoo is about food and animals and connecting with the local community. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to local people, learn about their culinary and cultural traditions, and better understand life in southeastern Australia.


A private guided tour with the Tasmanian Devil at UnZoo is more than a culinary experience; it is an enriching journey into South East Australia’s culture, nature, and food. From the exciting encounter with the Tasmanian Devil to the exquisite local food and interaction with the community, this experience will immerse you in a region rich in history, traditions, and unique flavors.

If you can explore Southeast Australia, include this experience in your itinerary for a culinary and cultural adventure you will never forget.

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