What is Green Marketing? – Advantages, Disadvantages, and More

About Green Marketing

Green marketing is an innovative trend present in many companies and is still rising. It is a favorable option that many brands opt for when it comes to promoting their products and, at the same time, contributing to improving the environment.

This term began to be used in the 1980s and early 1990s due to the need to change the current rhythm of production and current consumption. It arose out of a rush to preserve non-renewable resources and the goal of making consumers aware of the products and services they use.

Advantages of Green Marketing

This type of marketing benefits companies, as it allows them to attract new customers who prefer to buy healthier and less polluting products, in short, organic products. In addition, it helps improve brand positioning since these types of products and services are positioned as being of higher quality than others.

It is a way to increase visibility and make this world a better place. But on the other hand, it allows educating and engaging consumers while innovating and growing. Some of the main advantages of implementing green marketing in a marketing strategy or a communication strategy are the following:

1. Greater Control Over the Generation of Polluting Agents

It promotes responsible consumption and allows control of foreign substances that cause atmospheric contamination, such as gaseous, liquid, and solid agents.

2. Use of Less Polluting Materials

It reduces the negative impact on the environment since it promotes eco-friendly materials and does not harm the planet.

3. New Segments Of the Public that are Aware Of the Environment

It allows reaching new segments of the public that are aware of current problems and the need to implement changes in production processes and communication strategies. It is a concept that has multiple development alternatives.

4. Improve Brand Image

Working with an innovative concept and caring for the environment causes many clients to see the company differently. It is a way of showing customers that the product offered does not cause damage to the environment or people’s health. In this way, that revalues the brand.

It is important to show transparency and spread actual campaigns to achieve this. In this way, a large number of financial advantages can be reached. Furthermore, investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders will also have a much more positive image, improving agreements and the business in general.

5. Improve Positioning

By complying with social responsibility, many customers consider the product as better than the competition. In this way, it is probable to reach a position in higher quality categories and the eco-label, which is synonymous with a competitive advantage.

6. Innovation

Implementing green marketing or ecological marketing is a way to transform the business model so that it is easier to get more support. Opting for an environmental plan allows you to innovate in different company areas. Provide more creative solutions, and take new paths at a social and technological level.

Disadvantages of Green Marketing

Just as this marketing strategy brings many advantages, several disadvantages should be mentioned. First, implementing it can hinder or negatively affect the company because it entails many extra expenses and problems with some people who do not believe in this new trend.

1. Costs In Adapting Products, Services, And Processes

Adapting the entire production process and innovating entails many additional expenses that some people are unwilling to carry out. Therefore, it is necessary to take risks to bet on this change.

In addition, the products that are part of the eco-label are often more expensive, and some consumers are not willing to pay their price. Due to the high production costs, the final price of these ecological products or services is inflate.

2. Problems With Current Providers

Some vendors want to stick with business as usual techniques and services, which can be problematic when dealing with them. Responsible products or services are harder to come by, so fewer providers can count on. Its acquisition represents an extra effort.

Today this type of green marketing, also called sustainable marketing, is aim at a small population segment. However, little by little, more people are joining this change and are becoming aware of the need to innovate. However, there is still work to be done and measures to implement.

If the current production and consumption rate continues, in 50 years, the equivalent of two “planet earth” will be needed. It is the job of companies and public organizations to educate in values and provide more knowledge of the cause. It is necessary to give new approaches to awareness to care for the environment and convince companies not to use materials that are not harmful to health.

How is Green Marketing Applied in a Company?

Company-Client Relationship

In this type of marketing, we analyze all the factors that intervene when a client is interest in a particular product that we offer. This section can find elements related to price. Quality of service and materials, availability of a specific product, and any other specific aspect.

The main difference between green marketing and traditional marketing is that it is orient from an ecological point of view. The knowledge is to find a way to offer our products to satisfy the customer, but at the same time helps us reduce environmental pollution.

Social Relationship

It is an essential aspect since, unlike the previous one, in this section. We focus on finding those activities that can consolidate us in the world of environmental preservation. It is also important to stand against other companies whose products are highly polluting.

Our company can be very negatively affected if it is very polluting and other businesses have decided to attack us using this powerful weapon.

Tune Elements

The idea is to combine the two earlier aspects (company-client relationship and social relationship), break them down. And analyze their point by point in the actions undertaken and in selecting products, materials, and systems for its development production. In this way, we can know how to proceed to do green marketing that is in tune with reducing environmental pollution.

In addition to marking this line, it is essential to show it to the world through green or ecological marketing. Scripted by a marketing consultancy specializing in these campaigns and strategies.


Green marketing or ecological marketing consists of carrying out commercial strategies dedicated to selling environmental products or reducing the negative impact on the environment. It is marketing increasingly used by companies since it adapts to current trends and thoughts.

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