Ivo Karamanski, who is said to be the godfather of the BG mafia, was born on 29.11.1959 in the city of Sofia. At only five years old, he lost his mother, who died in a car accident. Despite this tragedy in his personal life, he managed to complete his secondary education at a sports school. A little later, he met his military service at the sports school of Levski Spartak, where he was a canoe-kayak competitor, and in 1981 he even became a republican champion.

Ivo Karamanski’s path in the mafia

However, bad things were to come for Karamanski, as he was expell from the National Canoe-Kayak Team in 1984 for frequent indiscipline. Two years later, he was convicted of forgery and significant fraud and sentenced to 2 years in prison. Interestingly, Ivo did not spend a single day in prison, as he had connections with the militia at the time. However, the person does not stop with the criminal activities, as it should happen.

The life of Ivo Karamanski and his entry into the mafia life

In 1990, in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, an organize group for trafficking in stolen cars was caught. For one of the leaders of this dark organization, Karamanski is juicy. He was deported to Bulgaria to appear before the court. But the magistrates released him on bail of BGN 2,000 and again fail to put him in prison.

For a while, the “godfather” spent time in Colombia and even got marry. Some media claim that he was involve in drug trafficking, but nothing has come to light. Still, 1992 came when Ivo returned to Bulgaria when the criminal gangs were distributing territories. He, of course, also intervenes in the shadow business and is a competitor of the other groups.

It follows the tumultuous years in the life of the mob boss. He has to take responsibility for the shootout at Casino Sevastopol when he was boss. Then Mladen Mihalev – Majo was wound, but without severe consequences. Karamanski was finally taken into custody on 14/01/1994 and remain there for 16 months without being charge. These days were mark by the bloody shootout in the Belite Brezi district in Sofia, where quite a few people died. And here, Karamanski’s name is associate with the fatal case.

The prosecutor’s office finally explains the detention of the “godfather” with the resumption of proceedings from 1986 for robberies and forgeries. On 04/06/1994, another charge of an armed robbery at the “Poor and Rich” restaurant came. In this way, the bandit remain in the custody of the investigation until 05.1995, when he was release on bail for BGN 750,000.

What has happened to Karamanski over the years?

While still in custody, Karamanski was a candidate for deputy in the 37th National Assembly, but his candidacy was reject. After his release, he began to throw accusations in the media at the government of Lyuben Berov and accused him of oil fraud. The most popular assassination attempt was at the Neptune disco in 1995, when a bomb exploded near Karamansky’s table.

The name of the boss is also connected with the creation of various companies, including “Corona Insurance” AD, “Bulfish” OOD, “Multipharma” OOD, “Sava Consulting” OOD, and several others. A considerable part of the Bulgarian elite gets to know the businessman and often invites him to banquets and parties. He became known as one of the wealthiest Bulgarians, although his past was connect with crimes.

His dizzy life continues with insurance deals, the oil business, and feuds with dangerous groups. He has the respect of the competition, though he has come under fire more than once or twice. Ivo is the most mentioned media personality, and it is no coincidence that the wrestling structures of the time considered him. Unfortunately for him, however, the end comes when he is mowed down with two accurate shots to the head.

The murder of Ivo Karamanski

The end of the “godfather” came on December 19, 1998. When his until recently friend Stefan Vazharski shot Karamanski with two bullets in the head. It happens at a student party, where the two are present in the company of their men and bodyguards. Before the murder occurred, Vazharski asked one of the students to call the police. Minutes later, he took the weapon and shot Karamanski and three other people present.

The shooter was captured the next day, and the case prove that he was utterly sane except for his alcohol addiction. The court sentenced Vazharski to life in prison. But from that moment on, the big boss would not exist, nor would he interfere with the rest of the business.

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