Slavcho Penchev Binev, also known as Slavi Binev, is associat with numerous comments and scandals. He was born on 10.12.1965 and is one of Bulgaria’s famous athletes, businessmen, and MPs. Binev graduated from the “Emil Markov” sports school and played in SK ” Levski Spartak.” From 1987 to 1992, he was multiple champions of Bulgaria in Taekwondo, as well as Balkan and European champions. His sporting biography is impressive, as anyone who knows this sporting name in society will attest.

What is Slavi Binev’s name associated with

Binev’s sporting successes are a fact, but his personality is also attractive for many other things. In the nineties, a real gangster war was going on between wrestlers and gangsters in our country. In November 1993, fifty tough guys entered the “Descrim” sports complex, which Binev runs, kidnaps, and beats him. A case has been opened on the subject, and the well-known names of Krasimir Marinov (Golemiyat Margin), Dimitar Dzhamov, Pelo Stoev, and Dimata Rusnaka are facing the court. However, this production sinks into the archives, and ignorance reigns around it.

Slavi Binev – the name that is associated with the mutts and the mafia

Binev decided to create the “Defense” association, a direct competitor of the Broche security companies at the time. The businessman did not stop with his career and became a shareholder in quite a few companies. His joint-stock company “MIG Group” AD is active in the entertainment life in our country, which includes casinos, bars, discotheques, and other establishments. However, some sources indicate that the company is involve in shady deals, prostitution, and drugs.

Slavcho Penchev Binev also tried his hand at politics. In 2007, he became an MP from “Ataka” and entered the European Parliament, where he is a committee member on financial and economic affairs. That same year, Binev also ran for mayor of Sofia but failed to gather many votes, and the capital management was hand over to Boyko Metodiev Borisov. However, he continued his path in the European Parliament, where in 2009, he took on many responsibilities.

Thus came 2011, when Slavi Binev left the “Attack” party and, at the same time, signal the institutions in Europe that Boyko Borisov should be arrest for falsifying the elections that year. One year late, he was one of the founders and leading participants in the political union “Gord,” which also left due to unknown reasons.

In 2014, the sportsman and businessman joined the ranks of the “National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, ” known by the abbreviation NFSB. Together with them, he tried to become a colleague of the European Parliament once again, but unfortunately for him, the votes were not enough. Slavcho Penchev Binev was briefly the chairman of the committee on culture in the parliament. Still, after the anger of famous actors, he submitted his resignation and abdicated from this post.

Binev’s political attempts continued in 2017 when he was a candidate for deputy from the DPS lists. His story is very stormy and full of incredible twists and situations.

What is characteristic of Binev’s life?

The resourceful athlete does not give up on pursuing his goals. He is a constant presence in public life, although his name is often associat with gangsters in the recent past. The fact is that this is a controversial personality, which, even now, cannot be unravel. Although he received the title of “Archon” from the Roman Church, his qualities were question by many Bulgarian citizens.

Everyone can judge for themselves whether Binev is a mutt or a decent person. We have briefly told you about his life above, hoping we have been helpful to you. Now comes the end of this article, and expect more exciting materials dedicated to famous Bulgarians here on our site.

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