If you’re new to TikTok or are already a seasoned TikToker, there are several ways for other TikTok users to reach your Next feed. To access this feed, you must select the “Followers” tab in your profile and choose the option to open the My TikTok Followers feed. Once you do this, you can see who is following you and following them back.

What is TikTok Following Feed?

What is TikTok Following Feed_

Tiktok the following feed allows users to see only content from their friends – people they follow and follow you back. It is a new way for TikTok to recommend content from people you know and is friends with for a more personal content feed. Instagram also recently came out with a similar Favourites Feed.

To use the TikTok feed, open the TikTok app and tap Friends at the bottom. Whenever one of your friends posts a new video, you’ll see a badge icon with a number indicating how many recent posts you have to view in your feed. Once you’ve scrolled through the brand-new posts, the rest of your next meals will not be in chronological order.

They will be recommend using TikTok’s algorithm. Using TikTok, the following feed is the same as your For You page and Following feed. The Feed page also has a search bar at the top. Although it’s labeled “find friends,” you can use this search bar to search for anything on the app, the same as the previous Discover page search bar. There is also now a search button in the top right corner of the Home feed.

Easy way to open my TikTok following feed

Easy way to open my TikTok following feed

There’s good news: you can choose who follows you on TikTok and who doesn’t. Both are possible from the information given below.

Is there any way to follow someone on TikTok without them knowing?

To answer your question, it is not possible to become a sane follower on TikTok. A user “follows” another user when they “like” their post, and the following user’s app receives a notification. This system ensures that people follow each other voluntarily.

Do you follow anyone on Tiktok?

According to Start My Tik Tok Feed, Tik Tok is a mobile video application that allows users to create and share their videos. It allows you to follow other TikTok users. To be tracked, a user must enter the username they use on their profile or profile picture so that you can find their profile picture.

Once you’ve identified the user you want to follow, click on their username to open their profile, and it is where they post all their TikTok posts.

  • Open the My TikTok feed at the bottom.
  • Open the My TikTok feed at the bottom.
  • TikTok users follow the user instructions:
  • Launch TikTok and then go to User Profile. You can do this by searching for them or tapping on their username in a video or post.
  • Click on the big red follow button.
  • You will be add to the list below.

What happens when you follow someone on Tiktok?

Block my TikTok fan page. If you follow someone on TikTok, you may see their videos in your feed without having to do anything. All of their shared TikToks will appear in their stream if users decide to follow them. The more people you follow or the content you like, the more likely they appear in your stream (though this doesn’t always happen).

Is there any way to see who followed you on TikTok?

You can tell if someone is following you on TikTok because when you start following that person, the follow button on their profile turns into an unfollow button. It will also be updated when a new version comes out. If someone you follow on TikTok hasn’t updated in more than two weeks, you can assume they don’t like your support and unfollow them.

Do people get any messages when they view your profile on TikTok?

The popular and widely used video-sharing software TikTok does not warn you when viewing a user’s profile. It is because most of the messages the service receives a result from users commenting and sharing their favorite videos. Users can be notified when they find inappropriate content or spam.

How to See your TikTok Followers On A Computer

According to TikTok, it will be an open-source software enabling users to use the TikTok application on their PC with the same features present in the mobile application.

The platform will also allow content creators to stream live videos directly from their computers. The open-source application will connect to the mobile application when you log in, allowing the user to share data from the mobile phone to the PC.

Since it is under testing, though, and not all of the features are currently provided to the users, you will have to use BlueStacks, which is third-party software.

The application allows the user to connect their computer to the mobile application. It lets you have a mobile version of TikTok on your computer. Let us begin with the steps involved in viewing followers on your computer using BlueStacks.

Install BlueStacks

Installing BlueStacks on your computer is the first step to accessing the TikTok application’s phone version on your PC.

However, the steps required to install the BlueStacks application are entirely different for Windows and Mac.

If you are installing it on Windows, follow these steps.

  • Go to
  • Click Download BlueStacks from the top of the menu.
  • Once the process finishes, BlueStacks will launch automatically.
  • Sign in or create an account with your email address.

Following these steps will launch the “BlueStacks” application on your computer, and you will be capable of accessing it.

How to Hide My Tiktok Following Feed?

Are you watching for a way to break other TikTok users from watching your followers and the following list on your TikTok account? First of all, you can set your public account as private. But you can also change the privacy settings to hide the following list from all the users on TikTok. After that, when people try to see your following list, they will see the message ‘This user’s Following list is private.

How to See Hidden Tiktok Following Feed?

I will show you how to see who you are following on TikTok. So go ahead and open up TikTok on your phone. You would think tapping on the following section would show the list of people you’re following, but it doesn’t.

So click on your profile icon down in the bottom right. Just above where it says edit profile. You will see the number of people that you’re following; tap on this, and this will give you the list of people that you are following on TikTok

Why can’t I see my following feed on TikTok?

People are trying to view their followers or following list, but it’s not accessible or loading correctly. First, all you need to do is make sure your internet connection is working correctly. If your internet doesn’t work, try turning off WiFi and using cellular data, which may help load the following list.

If that doesn’t help, you likely can’t see your following list because the TikTok algorithm believes there may be a bot on your account or someone hacked it. If you bulk unfollow many people, TikTok could potentially flag your account and disable the following list to prevent you from bulk unfollowing. If that’s the case, slow down and take a break.