Samsung q70a QLED Review

Samsung Q70a Qled Review

The Samsung Q70a QLED is a mid-range4K TV perfect that profits from direct backlighting and local dimming, resulting in excellent picture performance. A comprehensive, intelligent platform and state-of-the-art features complete the impressive package.

Advantage of Samsung Q70a QLED

  • +Excellent image quality
  • +Excellent HDR performance
  • + State-of-the-art functions

Disadvantages of Samsung Q70a QLED

  • -No Dolby Vision
  • -No Dolby Atmos support
  • It-Not ideal for wide viewing angles

The Samsung Q70a QLED TV went on sale in mid-2019 and was a more affordable option than Samsung’s flagship Q90 OLED TV at the time, with wide viewing angles, deep blacks and superior HDR images.

Although cheaper, the Samsung Q70a OLED is a solid TV. It has direct QLED backlighting and local dimming. Granted, you don’t become the ultra-wide viewing angles, black filter or One Connect box found on Samsung’s more expensive models.

But you get all that excellent AI processing. Apart from these three missing features, the Q70 has the same features and a comprehensive, innovative platform as its more expensive siblings.

Samsung Q70a QLED Review: Charge and Release Date

  • Released in 2019, so it may be hard to find
  • Presented in sizes 55, 65, 75 and 82 inches

The Samsung Q70a QLED was launch in 2019. It has five screen sizes: a 49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 82-inch variant. All are available in the US and UK.

As usual, model names vary contingent on where you live. If you’re in the UK, you’ll discover the QE49Q70R (£1499); QE55Q70R (£1,699); QE65Q70R (£2,199); QE75Q70R (£3,499); and QE82Q70R (£4799).

Sadly, Australian AV fans have only three versions of the TV to choose from, all called Q75R. However, expect the QA55Q75RAWXXY (AU$2,899); QA65Q75RAWXXY ($4,099); and QA75Q75RAWXXY (AU$5,899).

Since its initial release, the Samsung Q70a QLED has shrunk considerably so that you might find one at a bargain price. However, it can be challenging to get one from most retailers as an older model.

Samsung Q70a QLED Review: Design

  • Functional, not flashy
  • Wide legs can be challenging to install
  • good remote control

The Samsung Q70a QLED looks more functional than flashy, and while it retains the same basic design as the rest of Samsung’s QLED lineup for 2019, it also reflects the lower price.

Although there is a lot of use of plastic, the design still has the 360-degree detail ethos used elsewhere in the range: a virtually borderless display, a black border around the outer edge and textured grooves in the back.

Samsung has introduced a more traditional stand to the QLED range, but the Q70 uses metal feet that click into place (no screws). Unfortunately, those feet are widely space, meaning you’ll need a reasonably large surface area to mount the TV, and that problem oworsensorse when it comes to larger screen sizes (as we found). As mentioned, the Q70 goes up to 82 Customs).

Samsung has resisted the temptation to adopt HDMI 2.1, claiming that current 2.0b inputs will do whatever it takes to do them. It may disappoint some, but the company says the Q70 can handle 4K up to 120Hz, dynamic metadata (HDR10+), variable revive rate (VRR) and automatic low-latency mode (ALLM). The only thing missing is the Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), but Samsung says it will arrive via a software update later this month.

Samsung Q70a QLED Review: Intelligent TV Platform

  • Same intelligent platform as more expensive models
  • many uses
  • Bixby is built in

The Samsung Q70a uses the same innovative TV platform as other models in the QLED range, based on the Tizen-powered operating system. So you get the same launch bar at the bottom as in years past, plus the handy second tier that offers easy access to other content (a feature LG copied to webOS this year).

If you plan to use your TV to watch streaming video services (and why not?), you’ll be pleased with the wide choice. Samsung has it all, with apps for Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, Rakuten, YouTube and all of the UK’s catch-up TV services. Even a new iTunes app hit the platform earlier this month.

Perhaps knowing that owners are face with a bewildering array of options, Samsung introduced the Universal Guide. This feature combines all available games, movies, sports and streaming services into a single, easy-to-use interface.

Samsung Q70 QLED Review: HD/SDR Performance

  • Not suitable for wide viewing angles
  • Local dimming is generally ok
  • Good for TV and movie fans.

The Samsung Q70a does a great job in terms of SDR picture quality, and while it doesn’t have the ultra black filter of more expensive models, as long as you don’t place this TV in front of a vital light source, which shouldn’t pose a problem. The Q70’s bright, punchy images look great even with the ambient light in the room.

Viewing angles aren’t as wide as the higher-end models, but as long as you’re reasonably centred, that’s not a problem. Thanks to the VA panel, direct backlighting, and local dimming, black levels and plenty of shadow detail are impressive. We counted around 50 zones, but Samsung’s excellent local dimming algorithm is still very effective.

Samsung Q70a QLED Review: 4K/HDR Performance

  • Solid HDR performance
  • The brightness is 800 nits
  • Bloom is a problem

One thing’s for sure: it’s not that bright, peaking at 800 nits in the sharpest picture mode. However, tone mapping ensures that highlights are delivered as accurately as possible. It also covers nearly 100% of the DCI-P3 colour space, providing HDR images to make the most of all those extra colours.

Blacks stay black even with the backlight and contrast controls set to maximum, and the brightest whites are clip-free. However, the limited number of dimmable areas is more evident in HDR, and blooming is undoubtedly an issue with more challenging content. That said, the local dimming is still surprisingly effective and HDR images are still pretty strong, with the Q70’s full use of its 4K panel.

Samsung Q70a QLED Review: Sound

  • The essential sound quality is good enough
  • Sonic boost through AI improvements

The Samsung Q70a sounds pretty good for a modern TV, thanks partly to its direct LED backlight, which requires a deeper chassis. That means there’s a bit more room for decent speakers, although they still pull low. There’s a good sense of stereo departure, a solid midrange and well-defined highs, but the bass is quite limited.

Samsung tried this year to improve the sound quality of its televisions by using machine learning. The result is the AI-enhanced Smart Sound mode, which analyzes and optimizes audio based on environment and content. As a result, it gives the sound more breadth and depth, creating a more defined and immersive listening experience.


The Samsung Q70a remains a solid mid-range model that offers a taste of QLED’s potential without the high price tag. The piece may lack the black filter and broader viewing angles of more expensive models, but it can still deliver a bright, punchy image.

Additionally, AI-enhanced image processing is equally effective, helping to improve the appearance of low-res and highly compressed content. The local dimming is primarily impressive, especially given the limited number of areas presented. However, feed the TV a 4K indication, and the results are generally excellent. Sound quality isn’t bad either, thanks to the magic of Sonic AI, and the 14ms input lag is sure to please gamers.

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