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Vant Bèf Info – News from Haiti

Vant Bèf Info – News from Haiti

The 28th edition of Livres en Folie was held in Pétion-Ville this Thursday, June 16, 2022. For this face-to-face edition, 108 authors were in signature for a total of 1200 titles.

Pétion-Ville, June 16, 2022.-Louis Philippe Dalembert and Pierre Raymond Dumas were the guests of honour of this other edition which brought together several hundred participants, including the head of government Ariel Henry, the Minister of Culture and communication Emmelie Prophet-Milcé, among others. This 28th edition is an opportunity for Frantz Duval, editor-in-chief of the Journal le Nouvelliste, co-director of the activity, to remember their beginnings

at the Complexe la Promenade in 1995 to arrive in 2022 at the Hotel Karibe. Even if he speaks of a small “Madness Books” for this year, he recognizes that the enthusiasm is still the same despite the problematic security context.

On their part, Pierre Raymond Dumas and also, Louis Philippe Dalembert, the guests of honour, are delight with the number of people who have made the trip to buy the books. They say they see a good sign for the future.

Vant Bef Info Category Security – the Police Report Having Killed an Alleged Gang Leader and His Acolyte In Delmas

Agents of the Research and Investigation Brigade (BRI) shot dead, on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. The named Watson Gustave alias “Mafia”, the gang leader of the Route Piste (Aviation-Building 2004), in Delmas 83. According to a police note, another individual was also kill and a pistol confiscated.

Delmas, June 15, 2022.- An armed clash between two teams from the Research and also, Investigation Brigade (BRI) and armed individuals on Wednesday, June 15, in Delmas 83, led to the death of two alleged gang members.

It is Watson Gustave, alias “Mafia”, the gang leader of the road track (Aviation-Building 2004), and another individual who accompanied him whose identity is not reveal. However, the police institution points out that the name Watson Gustave, alias “Mafia”, was specialize in truck hijacking and kidnapping. Furthermore, a 9mm pistol was found in their possession.

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Bombed Endeavors by the Police

The Public Police of Haiti, through a few units joined by protected tanks, attempted a few times to recover control of Terminal Varreux.

The last option stores 70% of the country’s oil based goods. It is the biggest stockpiling community.

Be that as it may, each time PNH specialists attempt to propel, they face opposition from criminals with weapons of war. These hooligans quite dug profound openings generally around the borders of Terminal Varreux. This makes the mission of policing more convoluted.

The PNH groups returned with nothing. Also, the many endeavors of the police organization have demonstrated useless up until this point.

Vant Bef Info – United States: Border Agents Who Whipped Haitian Migrants Will Be Punished

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will sanction. Border agents accused of whipping Haitian migrants trying to enter the United States through Del Rio, Texas, last September, according to a report.

Texas, June 16, 2022. The American press, Fox News, in particular, has confirmed, through a federal source. That the DHS will propose sanctions against the agents in the coming days.

We learn that the charges will be “administrative violations” and not criminal offences, which they were acquit earlier this year.

It must be said that the images showing officers on horseback preventing Haitian citizens from entering the country using their reins shocked more than one. They would have sparked a wave of anger, especially among Democratic lawmakers.

The agents were accuse of using the reins to control the horses as whips against the Haitian migrants. Which is why an investigation has been open. President Joe Biden was outrage by the event and promised there would be consequences.

The agents have been remove from their posts and also, are prohibite from having contact with the migrants.

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Vant Bef Info Category Politics –  One Dead and Two Injured in an Armed Attack Against the National Port Authority

Armed bandits attacked, in the afternoon of Thursday, June 16, 2022, the premises of the National Port Authority (APN). This gang attack killed at least three people, including one dead and two wounded by gunshots, confirms a reliable source to the VBI editorial staff.

Port-au-Prince, June 16, 2022._ One dead and also, two wounded by gunshot is the outcome of an orchestrated arme attack on Thursday, June 16, 2022, against the National Port Authority (APN).

According to a police source, the person killed is a security guard from Caribbean Port Service (CPS), a private company housed at the APN. The two injured are employees of the same company. This attack comes six days after the one perpetrated against the Palace of Justice in Port-au-Prince.

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