What is Cloud Server ? Free Cloud Server & Paid Cloud Server : Bloggingguidance.Com – The cloud server is a centralized resource hosted and distributed on the network – usually the Internet – and many users are accessed on demand. Cloud servers can perform the same functions as the traditional physical server, distributing processing power, storage, and applications.

The cloud server can be located anywhere in the world and provide services remotely through the cloud computing environment. On the contrary, Traditional Dedicated Server Hardware is usually installed on the premises for exclusive use by an organization.

What is a Cloud Server?

What is a Cloud Server

Linux cloud servers have many names depending on the marketing trends at any given time self-managed VPS, cloud VPS, unmanaged (by the hosting provider) VPS. It’s a platform as a service (PaaS), usually built within a highly available (HA) infrastructure for top speed and uptime. What sets cloud server hosting apart from Managed VPS Hosting:

  • Lack of server management software – usually cPanel with WebHost Manager (WHM)
  • Flexibility to install different Linux operating systems (OSs) as you desire
  • No free technical support due to the complexity of each server environment

The web hosting provider maintains the installation of hardware, virtualization, and base OS. You keep everything else:

  • OS configuration
  • Backups and snapshots for disaster recovery (DR)
  • Web server preference and customization (e.g., Apache, NGINX, Lighttpd)
  • Security measures – firewall, antivirus (AV) scanner, distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection
  • Server analytics and log analysis for performance baselines

This requires substantial knowledge of, or willingness to learn, the Linux command-line interface (CLI). Because of all this, base cloud servers are only recommended for users willing to resolve their issues. Those willing to take the challenge gain:

  • Greater control over system resources and customization
  • Lower costs since you’re not offered technical support or software with licensing fees

How Does the Cloud Server Work?

How Does the Cloud Server Work_

Cloud server has been made possible through virtualization. Management software has been installed on a hypervisor on the physical server to add to their virtualization Separation of your joint resources and create a virtual server to make them pool together. These virtual resources can then be automatically distributed on the cloud for shared use in an organization or many organizations.

This approach is known as Infrastructure-e-In-Service Model. Organizations employing IAAs do not have to manage and manage their hardware; They can collect it from third parties, providing resources on demand through the public cloud. A typical cloud server example is using a public cloud for temporary, seasonal, or variable workloads, which should be extended quickly as required.

About Free Cloud Server & Paid Cloud Server

Free Cloud Server

Before knowing about Affordable Cloud Storage India, let us know what Cloud Storage is. So there is a storage space like Cloud Storage Hard Disks (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD), and Pen Drive.

The only difference is that it is not available as physical hardware but is available to store data in remote servers on the Internet. Our data can manage, maintained, and backed up remotely on Cloud Servers. You do not want any physical hardware for data backup in Cloud Storage.

Instead, only an Internet Connection is required, with the help of which you can upload your data and take backup. And this data will not be deleted from Cloud Servers unless you delete it yourself.

Google Drive Cloud Storage

Google Drive Cloud Storage

Free Cloud Storage India Online Storage, known as Google Google Drive Internet, is not only in India but is quite popular worldwide. Google Drive itself associate with Google’s many products like Gmail, Chrome, Google Docs, Android, Google Analytics, and YouTube.

Google Drive works just like your hard disk, in which you can store all your urgent documents. These include all records, Software, Photos, Videos, and audio. Google Drive Offline Services also helps you to Access Offline Accessed Files taken by you.

Using Google Drive, You just like Cloud Storage, but other services of Google such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, My Maps, Sites, Apps Script, Jam Board, Keep, Tasks, and Google Calendar Can also do it.

Cloud Storage Market in Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box Cloud Storage Companies Like Bohot Tactile.

Mega – 50 GB Free Cloud Storage India

Mega Limited Company was the beginning of the person named Kim Dotcom. It had a great idea to Safe Store to the Customer. Mega is a Boundless Storage Service, which keeps Safe to your Data, that is also affordable price.

MEGA Provides a Cloud Storage Kya Hai Plan, and 4 Premium Plans Provide Extremely Prices. Take your Data Backup in Mega Cloud Storage. You can upload from your computer and Mobile Phones, which you can access from any corner of the world and any device through your Mega Account. Mega gives 50 GB of Free Storage Space to its customers.

Box – Cheapest Cloud Storage India

Free Cloud Storage India. Box Cloud Storage is for Main Focus Businesses. Box Storage gets you at an affordable price. By talking to Box Team, you can also negotiate the price.

Paid Cloud Server


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What are the Advantages of a Cloud Server?

What are the Advantages of a Cloud Server_

Cloud servers have revolutionized Industry. Countless companies have gone away from Traditional, Centralize Server and Infrastructure Setups so that the benefits of this game-changing technologist can be availed. Four primary benefits run this inning.

Using a cloud server managed by third-party providers is very expensive compare to buying and maintaining its infrastructure for a company. As a result, companies benefit from economies of scale while sharing server resources with others, and they only pay for those they use.


Public cloud resources can often arrange in a few minutes and quickly managed through a control panel or API. When IT teams are no longer want to maintain complex infrastructure on the premises, their resources are freed for other functions. Users can access data from anywhere.


A change in computing and data storage is needed. The cloud server can scale fast to meet the demand.


Cloud servers provide similar performance to dedicated servers. Since the cloud runs on several servers in the shared environment, the service continues if the single component fails.


This curriculum provides an overview of evaluating, working with, and understanding the landscape of cloud servers. It is helpful to understand the range of product offerings and how deployment preferences have changed over time to leverage existing software documentation for your own use cases. A DigitalOcean Droplet – a cloud VPS – is a good starting point for many different projects