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Automotive Industry Write For Us – Contribute And Submit Guest Post

Automotive Industry Write For Us

Automotive Industry Write For Us

Automotive Industry Write For Us – The automotive industry comprises all companies dedicated to producing and marketing self-propelled land vehicles, including passenger cars, buses, trucks, agricultural equipment, and other commercial vehicles.

Automobiles have allowed the public to travel long distances for work, shopping, or recreational trips. This industry encourages the development of different highway systems. The automotive industry has become one of the largest consumers of primary products, such as steel. The large number of people employed by it make it an industrial sector of great value for the economy of the countries where it is based.


Since the mid-nineteenth century in China, there have been precedents for self-propelled vehicles. They were steam vehicles. However, the most concrete antecedent of the automobile, as we know it today, was the vehicle developed by the Frenchman Jean Joseph Étienne, who manufactured the first internal combustion engine in 1860. A few years later, several inventors, especially Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, developed vehicles whose combustion was made from gasoline.

These first car prototypes were imposed in the industry, as they were lighter and cheaper to manufacture than steam models. French companies established the design that would be taken over, which would constitute the model of the modern automobile, placing the engine above the front axle around 1890, the same decade during which American companies made great strides to mass-produce this type of vehicle.


Like other industries, the automaker benefited from the implementation of series production models that allowed previously unimagined vehicles to be manufactured relatively quickly.

It was in 1914 when Henry Ford began to manufacture automobiles on a massive scale thanks to the use of assembly lines which allowed mass production. In addition, in 1915, he launched a business strategy of providing credit to buyers to purchase automobiles.


After the stagnation and decline suffered by the automotive industry as a result of the Great Depression of 1929 and later as a consequence of World War II, companies began to recover from the 1950s, entering into frank growth towards the end of that decade. , the United States with the most significant production of motor vehicles, with up to 83% of the market.

This situation, which lasted until the mid-1960s, changed when the economies of Europe, mainly Germany, and Japan recovered, so the United States had only 26% of the automotive industry’s purchases.

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