This black and decker mini fridge energy star-rated compact refrigerator is perfectly designed for all small places like college dorms, offices, dorm rooms, workshops, or anywhere you might need a compact refrigerator to keep your drinks and food cold. Similar to a full-size refrigerator, it comes with a full-width freezer with an ice cube tray and adjustable thermostat control. 2 full-width glass door storage shelves for five 12 oz. cans and 2-liter bottle leveling feet help ensure stability. Reversible, space-saving door flat back design lets you mount it anywhere.

Chest Freezer Black and Decker Mini Fridge

Chest Freezer Black and Decker Mini Fridge

Do you have a big family? Entertain a lot? This black-and-decker mini fridge is 3.5 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer offers an impressive 122 lbs. food storage estimate based on industry-standard calculations. Just think of how many quality cuts of meat you can store or the dozens of your favorite appetizers or desserts that will be ready when you want them. A wire basket is included to help you better organize the freezer’s contents, but it’s also easy to remove if you prefer. When it’s time to defrost, an easy-access drain line makes it easy.

Energy Star Refrigerator Black and Decker Mini Fridge

Appropriately referred to in the industry as a “cube” with its relatively square shape, this black and decker mini fridge Energy Star certified compact refrigerator offers a small footprint that makes it easy to place on a table or floor. With a few organizational skills, you’ll be surprised how much you can fit in.

Black and Decker Mini Fridge BDC24L

Next, we have the black and mini fridge on our list of the best portable coolers in India. This refrigerator can be used both at home and in the vehicle and is used to store drinks. As both a cooler and a warmer, this refrigerator from Black + Decker is your ideal choice for enjoying your favorite beverage on the go. The cooler can be easily plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter socket and is ready to use. Also, this portable fridge is design in such a way that it is shockproof. This cooler has three zippered pockets that can carry adapters and plugs. The 24L capacity makes this refrigerator ideal for storing beverages and packaged foods.

Who Should Get A Black and Decker Mini Fridge?

Black and decker mini fridges are great companions for small apartments, dorms, hangouts, and offices. They’re great for storing drinks, snacks, daily lunches, and leftovers, and the larger ones can also store perishables for several days at a time.

However, black and decker mini fridges are more minor than full-size fridges and versatile in several ways. Most minis don’t have sharper drawers so the product will lose its fresh taste and texture after a few days. Freezer burn is also familiar, and the freezer compartment does not come close to the 0 degrees Fahrenheit threshold for safe long-term meat storage.

How We Picked and Tested?

The methodology was slightly different each time we did the roundup, but we still found the same all-black and decker mini fridge OK. They’re all built around the same parts in different capacities with different racks, and one of them will be cold enough to store food for several days.

That’s why we started looking for a model that stands out, with the best shelves and price, for anyone who wants a slightly better experience with their black and decker mini fridge.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Finding the correct temperature setting can be tricky because the temperature dial has no markings. Freezer burn is unavoidable if you leave something there for more than a few days. And the cooling system appears to be cheaply built.

The freezer temperature in the black and decker mini fridge tends to fluctuate a lot. It’s probably because it’s inefficient to have an unsealed freezer shelf in a mostly refrigerator-only compartment. Our tests showed wide temperature fluctuations in the black and decker mini fridge freezer, rising 11 to 21 degrees Fahrenheit and 10 to 20 degrees on the lowest setting. The temperature change is significant enough to cause a slight freezer burn within a few days, affecting the taste and texture of food. And since the freezer never approached the 0-degree threshold for safe long-term meat storage in our tests, you’ll need to find a better place to store your venison steak for the winter.

Features of Black and Decker Mini Fridge

Compact and Stylish

This space-saving small refrigerator (17.5″ x 18.5″ x 26.6″) stores food, soda, beer, and other beverages with minimal power and takes up less space. Sleek, modern project – Available in black, stainless steel, and white – perfect for college dorms, offices, garages, bars, small apartments, and RVs

Large Capacity

The Black and decker mini fridge has 2 removable glass shelves that expand the storage space and make it easy to clean the fridge. Additional door storage fits five 12-oz. containers. cans (such as soda and beer), small bowls on the top shelf, and 2-liter storage doors for taller bottles

Convenient Features

Reversible doors, height-adjustable legs, and adjustable temperature control (32 degrees Fahrenheit on the lowest setting) make this mini fridge even more convenient. Black and decker mini (12.8″ W x 4.3″ H) fits ice packs, most frozen dinners, and the included ice tray

Ultra Quiet

Low noise (45dB) operation is perfect for places where you don’t want loud equipment: waiting rooms, TV and game rooms, and even a nursery where you can store milk for easy feeding.


The black and decker mini fridge Energy Star Mini Fridge features a modern square design that fits stylishly into any living room. Adding comfort to any room for real-life practicality, it’s incredibly compact without sacrificing interior storage space. You will be surprise how good it is. Freestanding unit with flat back fits easily under counters and also, tables or in the corner of a room. Adjustable temperature control, can dispenser, removable glass shelf, reversible door, and quiet operation make everyday life much easier with one little tool.

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