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It is a distinctive sign whose primary function is to differentiate and make a company’s products and services unique compared to competitors. It is, so to speak, what gives identity and meaning to a particular product or service. For example, one of the most famous examples of brands is possibly Coca-Cola, a solid and powerful brand with a real identity. By naming it, the whole world knows we are referring to a specific soft drink.

Why is it Necessary to Create A Brand?

Let’s analyze the purpose of branding and also, its objectives.

The Objective of the Brand

The word branding derives from the Latin it, which means brand. Since ancient times, products have been it so that people would know who made the product. However, with the move to industrial scale, the range of products on the market has grown considerably. Therefore, companies tried to differentiate themselves from their competitors through their brands. The seller not only offered the potential customer a product but an entire consumption ecosystem: the image and life of the character that the company spread.

Types of Brand

It is not only the name with which customers identify the company. Below we detail the different types of trademarks or examples of trademarks :

  • A sample of a brand consisting of a combination of letters and also, numbers.
  • Graphic marks. These types of trademarks are those that have graphic symbols, logos, drawings, etc.
  • Mixed or figurative effects. All though, they are those marks that combine the two previous sports. That is, they combine letters, numbers, and graphic symbols.
  • Three-dimensional marks. Trademarks that have graphic elements are arrange in three dimensions. An example of this could be the containers and also, wrappers, the product’s shape, etc. An example of a brand of this type would be, for example, Babybel cheese, with very peculiar and distinctive wrapper
  • sound marks. This type of mark refers to those consisting of a succession of sounds that can be different

Now that you know what a brand consists of and the existing styles, you can learn how to create a powerful brand with which your target audience identifies and benefits your company.

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