Como es is a Spanish song sung and written by Mexican singer Carla Morrison in 2010. The album’s name was Mientras tú dormías, and it was released in 2010. The meaning of Como es in English Is how it is.

Who is Carla Morrison, singer of Como es

Who is Carla Morrison, singer of Como es

Carla Morrison, a singer of Como es, was born in Tecate, Baja California, to Mexican, Porfiria Flores, and Hilario Morrison. Her father, previously surnamed Vera, obtained his last name when he was accept through William Guy Morrison, born in California to an English refugee named Laura Morrison.

Morrison, singer of como es lived in Tecate during her early years. Since childhood, she was taught the art of drawing, dancing, and singing, expressing a particular inclination for the latter. Encouraged by her conviction to dedicate herself to music, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona, at 17. She began her musical studies at the Mesa Community College in this city. Still, she soon dropped out of school because her approach to music was more spiritual, emotional, and self-taught than academic.

Inspired by her teacher David Barrios, a Mexican lyric baritone, she started to play her first musical composition called Babalu. This project was consolidated as a band with the addition of Nick Kizer and Nichole Petta and soon positioned itself as one of the most critical projects of local music.

The career of Carla Morrison

Carla, a singer of Como es, began her musical career in Arizona, the US, at 17 after enrolling in a musical college named ” Mesa Community College.” However, within a short period, she quit college due to differences in musical nature. At the same time, she met Mark Erickson, a musician of the Colorstone band of Arizona, and collaborated with him on her first EP.

Carla, in 2009 released her first Ep, “Aprendiendo an Aprender,” by the pseudonym Babaluca. The EP was commercially successful and gave fame and popularity to Carla. Following the first Ep. success, she released her second Ep in 2010, “Mientras Tú Dormías,” which Natalia Lafourcade produced. This EP was also a hit and received nominations for several awards.

Carla, in 2011 began working on her first-ever debut album, “Déjenme Llorar,” along with Juan Manuel Torreblanca, a musician of the Torreblanca brand. The album was released in 2012 and peaked in several rating charts and websites, and it was so successful and popular that it received a nomination for the Grammy awards. – Subsequently, Carla, singer of Como es, released several successful songs such as “Tu Luz,” “Eres Tú,” “Vez Primera,” “No Vuelvo Jamás,” “Hasta La Piel,” No Me Llames,” and many more. In 2017, she released her second album, “Amor Supremo,” which ranked top in several rating charts and websites, subsequently giving her a second Grammy Awards nomination.

Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements

Carla, in 2012 won the Latin Grammy Awards for her debut album “Déjenme Llorar” in the Best Alternative Music Album and Best Alternative Song categories. The following year, she won a nomination in the Grammy Awards for her debut album “Déjenme Llorar” in Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album category.

In 2016, she won a nomination for her second album, “Amor Supremo,” in the Latin Grammy Awards in the Best Alternative Music Album category. Carla received the same for her song “Vez Primera” in the same year.

New Music: Carla Morrison’s ‘Share’

Carla Morrison, a singer of como es, belongs to the rare breed of young artists whose sound even improved live than recorded and edited after sound. The first time I heard this young Mexican singer live, I was mesmerized. His voice is genuinely his instrument, quickly oscillating between a naive hum and the howl of a wounded bird. When I compared it to some of their recordings, I felt they lacked the brilliance of their live act. Her CDs somehow extracted and packaged her sweetness without the angst that lurked beneath her incredible voice.

Carla Morrison singer of como es  Presents Compartir

“Compartir” shows that Carla has evolved enormously as an artist and has learned to wrap her essence. It’s a beautiful ballad around wanting to share your life with someone you love but who is far away. It has a retro feel and sounds like love ballads from the 1950s. Some will notice the ghost of Etta James wandering the halls of this song. But for me, Carla’s mischievous, soft, and sad voice owes much more to Eartha Kitt. Listen to the music.

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English version of Como es

  • How It Is
  • I was thinking about how it is
  • That as soon as I looked away, you took advantage of another woman
  • Seeking pleasure everywhere
  • As if you needed it when I love you without you deserving it
  • And you broke my heart
  • When you threw it from the balcony
  • It was clear with this you had forgotten my devotion
  • And I’m almost dying with my pain
  • And I keep thinking about how it is
  • That after so much pain, I miss you more than yesterday
  • Closing my eyes, I don’t want to see
  • How you move away from me
  • How you share all your love
  • And I consume so much love to give
  • To you
  • You didn’t even give it a second thought1
  • Maybe I’ll go out to walk for a while
  • I’ll think that your betrayal is my distress
  • I’ve already convinced myself
  • I’ve forgotten what it is to want to die
  • Your action
  • was my blessing
  • Now my eyes are indeed open


Carla Morrison is primarily interest in making music that will resonate with the innermost and deepest fibers of people’s beings. The artist generally appeals to listeners willing to get in touch with and embrace the full spectrum of emotions, especially if they may be uncomfortable or painful. The Mexican powerhouse vocalist sings sublimely about love, heartbreak, longing, despair, desire, sorrow, and everything in between.

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