If you are one of the persons who think that the headboard full is merely aesthetic, you are wrong. In ancient Egypt, archaeological evidence proposes that the headwaters were creat as a barrier to air currents that would allow a warm temperature to be maintained at night. The headboard fulls were made of wood, a less thermally conductive material than stone or brick.

At that time, it was a sign of social status, and only the wealthiest had sophisticated designs. However, it seems that this custom prevails in the XXI century. where the majestic height of its rooms is used to embellish them with impressive headboard fulls.

Headboard Full and Feng Shui

According to this Chinese current, the most recommended is to have a solid headboard, as this creates a feeling that you have a safe and robust mountain supporting you while you sleep. In addition, a strong headboard full is also said to create a safe planetary for intimacy and linking.

In feng shui, the panache of the headboard is vital. Those padded or made of wood are suggested, with a solid design avoiding that they are open or with bars. Additionally, this philosophy means avoiding storage headboard fulls altogether, as they attract clutter.

How to Clean  Headboard Full

Unfortunately, there is no single method for cleaning a headboard as the materials used vary, such as wood, leather, metal, polyester, suede and many more. Also, remember the type of stain you’re trying to remove, as dealing with watermarks and ink requires two entirely different approaches.

Dependent on how much time you have and the severity of the stain, you’ll also need to decide if you can and want to do it yourself or if it’s best to have it professionally cleaned. Here remains an article that describes how to clean a headboard complete and also how to make homemade cleaning solutions.

How to Clean a Wooden Headboard Full

How to Clean a Wooden Headboard Full

A solid wood headboard full has an elegant look that will add a touch of class to any traditional bedroom. So unless your headboard full comes with a protective plastic cover, avoid cleaning it with water or commercial detergents that are not specifically design for wood. Always follow label directions. Try a different cleaning method on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it works for your furniture.

  • Remove greasy or sticky stains from unsealed wood with a mild cleaning solution of soap or mild detergent dissolved in water and wipe the affected area with a clean, damp cloth.
  • After removing the mask, rinse thoroughly and wipe with a dry cloth.

More stubborn stains such as water or alcohol can also be remove but require a stronger solution such as buffing. When your furniture is finish, check the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine which polishes are appropriate, as they vary widely.

Top Interior Designer Chooses Just Headboard Fulls

Cyril Campbell, a top celebrity and in-house stylist, is a fan! With an occupation spanning over 40 years and invaluable experience in lifestyle, interior design and personal makeovers, Ceril certainly knows what she’s talking about. Her latest interior design masterpiece has placed Just Headboard fulls in the centre of attention.

Cyril’s tagline is “Create a stylish look with budget finds. I can style your life for less”, and her latest staging project sees Rostrevor’s Fulham home transformed into a fabulous shabby chic oasis. With two of our most popular products, Ceril chose our Jot and Juliet headboard fulls to create the perfect focal points in bedrooms.

Top Tips for Choosing a Fabric Headboard Full

Choosing an upholstered headboard full might not be something you think twice about, but the perfect headboard full can transform the expression of your bedroom. To help you find the perfect upholstered headboard full for your bed, we’ve put together ten tips with a few factors to consider before you hit the Add to Cart button.

Tip 1 – Padded Headboard Full

If you’ve ever experienced upholster headboard fulls, you already know that some are sparsely pad and uncomfortable, others are perfect, and some are overstuff. When looking for a fabric headboard full, keep your upholstery preferences in mind and choose one with the right amount of padding or padding that suits you and your needs. For example, if you are leaning against the headboard full, you will need a headboard full with enough wadding to support the weight of your head.

Tip 2: Evaluate It

Your fabric headboard full should remain proportionate to the size of your bed. That doesn’t get nasty that you should opt for a double headboard full for a double bed; In some cases, the headboard full can be slightly larger than the bed, but you need to ensure it’s not smaller. When in doubt, measure the width of your bed before purchasing and compare the measurements to the headboard full you are considering. Remember: wall-mounted headboard fulls do not affect the size of your bed, while freestanding and back-mounted headboard fulls must match the size of your bed.

Tip 3 – Decide on your Header Type

There are three types of fabric headboard fulls: post headboard fulls, wall mounted headboard fulls and freestanding headboard fulls. Post headboard allow you to place the headboard full directly onto the base of your bed, allowing the headboard full of moving with you as you move the bed. Wall mounted headboard attach to the wall behind your bed at the desired headboard full and stay in place. Finally, the freestanding headboard links to the bed and extends to the floor behind. Your ideal type of fabric headboard will depend on your personal preferences and the look you want.

Tip 4 – Choose Complementary Colors

As with any furniture or addition, you want it to blend well with your current decor. Choose a colour that complements the tone of your bed frame and the finish of your walls to ensure your fabric headboard matches perfectly. Remember that if your mattress doesn’t match the colour of the headboard full you’re planning to buy, you can always get a rim to cover the bed.

Tip 5 – Choose your Fabric

With so many different kinds of upholstered headboards on the marketplace, you have many choices regarding the cloth and finish of your new headboard. As with colour, choose a material to complement the other furniture in your bedroom and choose from various fabrics, including jacquard, chenille, linen and even faux croc.

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