How to Fold a Cosco Folding High Chair is designed for ease of use, fold up quickly, and lay flat for storage. The chairs feature easy-to-clean seat cushions, an adjustable tray and footrest, and a harness and built-in snack and cup holder. When shopping for a high chair, consider safety and comfort. Look for a sturdy chair with a broad base and a tray that cleans easily without many nooks and crannies.

  • Remove the tray from the highchair and wash it well. Put back in place.
  • Stand behind the chair and push down on the two levers where the seat hinges to the frame. The center will drop forward on a hinge and fold in half.
  • Push on the back of the seat. If necessary, put the hinges in a folded position.
  • Raise the back to reassemble the high chair. Push it in until the levers snap firmly into place. Push down on the seat to make sure it’s there.

How to Fold the Cosco High Chair in 3 Easy Steps

Knowing how to fold the Cosco highchair correctly is essential, especially when you have a baby. A Cosco highchair is helpful for parents with babies at home and traveling.

If you have any difficulty with how you will fold and store your Cosco highchair correctly, worry no more! Instead, continue reading this article as we guide you on how to double your baby’s favorite eating spot.

1. Take Out the Tray

  • Most Cosco high chairs usually have trays, where your baby eats most of the time.
  • To begin with, you must remove the tray before folding the highchair. To do so, you first need to find your side buttons outside of the seat rails.
  • Use the fingers of both hands to press the side buttons simultaneously. Please note that there will be a clicking sound once you press the buttons.
  • Carefully slide the tray forward to remove it from the chair. After removing it, keep the tray aside because you will need to store it with the chair later.

2. Fold the High Chair

  • When folding the Cosco high chair, you must first stand behind it. Folding it will be much easier this way.
  • Find the latch tabs on the back of the seat rails. Place your fingers in the slight indentation on the triggers.
  • Pull the latch pawls up until you hear a click. After doing so, you can now fold the high chair. Then release the triggers and slowly rotate the body of the high chair until it meets the legs.
  • Again, use both hands to hold it together to avoid difficulties. Using just one of your hands will probably cause the folded chair to open up again.

3. Keep the Highchair Folded

  • Finally, it is necessary to store it correctly. Take the tray you set aside earlier and find the safest place to store the Cosco highchair.
  • Remember that you must store the tray with the folded highchair so as not to lose it. Also, it would be better to place the folded high chair in a narrow space so it will not open again.

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Components of A Baby High Chair

Components of A Baby High Chair

When researching a baby high chair, ensure your potential purchase provides all the components you need to keep your baby comfortable and safe while eating. Don’t forget to also look for chair components that are easy to clean and store, essential features for messy babies, and limited time and space.


Since your baby will spend a reasonable amount of time in her chair while she learns to eat and joins the family for dinner, pays special attention to the comfort of the high chair seat, the main component of the baby’s high chair. Choose a seat with a good amount of padding in a fabric that is easy to clean or toss in the washing machine. Look for a seat with multiple recline positions if you use the chair for a baby who can’t yet sit fully upright. Centers should also have a crotch post, which prevents the baby from sliding under the tray and chair.

Safety Straps

Another vital component of any baby high chair is the safety harness or belt. Choose a model with at least a three-point harness, preferably a five-point harness with straps at the crotch and across your chest to keep you firmly in the chair and prevent getting up or falling out of the chair. The seat safety strap component shall be adjustable and removable for washing.


Most baby chairs include a tray on top of your table, so baby food is easier to reach and clean. The baby highchair’s tray component may consist of a removable piece, or two, that are dishwasher safe, while others offer specific points for utensils or sippy cups. Some high chair trays even have built-in spots for toys. Choose the components that are important to your lifestyle and the child.


The leg component of your baby’s highchair may include wheels and the ability to fold or adjust in height, or it may look like the chair’s legs fit into your high chair better and take up less space. If the legs of the roller or high chair will expand to lower and raise the chair, make sure there is a sturdy locking component to keep the chair still when in use. Remember that chairs with a broad leg base take up much more space than a smaller, less adjustable chair with legs more like a regular chair.

How to Buy a Chair

Babies spend little time in their chairs for at least the first two years. The high chair must be safe, sturdy, and complete with the features you need to make mealtimes an enjoyable experience for you and your baby. With some forethought and planning, you can purchase a highchair perfectly suited to your family’s needs.

  • Determine where the chair will reside in your home. If your kitchen or dining area is small, you can purchase a small chair that folds easily for storage. If space is not an issue, and you want to use the highchair for many years, consider buying a more expensive chair with features to accommodate a growing child.
  • Investigate the safety features of the high chair. Make sure you have two shoulder straps when your baby is not able to sit up without support and waist and crotch straps to secure your baby’s lower body. If the chair folds, make sure it snaps properly into place when open and make sure the chair has a wide base for stability.
  • Look for a high chair that contains a strong message in the center of the seat. This post, which rests between baby’s thighs while she is sitting, will stop her baby from slipping off the chair and injuring herself.

Remember How to Find High Chair

Of all the things you put your baby in, high chairs are among the most overlooked in the house. You may apply a lot of time choosing the right crib and car seat but don’t think about the injuries that could come from a faulty hub. Know high chairs, and remember to make sure your choice is safe for your baby.

  • Do your homework before you shop. Most stores automatically pass recalled items from the shelves, but it’s not always a guarantee. See the model before buying and read reviews and articles about the product to ensure you don’t remember it exists.
  • Sign up for emails from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. It’s free and takes just a few seconds to receive memory information for thousands of baby products (see resources below). It could be the difference between keeping your baby safe or putting them in danger; every new parent needs to be on the list.

How to Insert the Straps on A Wooden High Chair

How to Insert the Straps on A Wooden High Chair

Babies Raise babies and toddlers to table height, making it easier for parents to feed the baby. They give the child a good view of more people and include them in the family at meals. But raising the child presents a danger. If the child twists in the seat, the high chair means a high fall. The child needs to be in the car seat. Wood chairs, especially older or antique wood high chairs, may not have safety straps attached.

  • Stretch the safety strap. The three-piece strap has a crotch strap and a left and right strap that attach with a clip buckle at the center of the forehead.
  • Turn the chair over. Place the crotch strap eyelet in the center of the support under the high chair seat. Insert the screw into the eyelet. I am using the drill, screw wood into the bracket, and securing the crotch. Turn the chair right.
  • Unbuckle the center waist strap buckle. This will leave you with a left strap with the male part of the clip buckle on one side of the strap and a loop on the other. The right strap has the female part of the buckle on one side and a loop on the other.

About the Chair Straps

Seat straps are a convenient and easy safety measure to keep babies and toddlers securely in their seats. They are fast, reliable, and easy to use and adjust, and it protects children from getting out of the chair and other potentially dangerous injuries. Chair straps are inexpensive and a must-have for anyone with a baby or toddler.


Chair straps are cheap and easy to purchase. Johnson Rose makes the chair straps that cost only $2. These are ideal for babies. Johnson Rose is probably the most trusted and popular company that makes chair straps. Their belts generally cost $5 or less. Many chairs and boosters also come with chair straps included.



Chair straps are very beneficial if you have a curious, mischievous child. Young children often like to explore, be energetic, and jump in and out of things. Chair straps can defuse a dangerous situation, such as a hyperactive child trying to jump out of a chair during dinner. With these straps, the child cannot jump and, therefore, cannot injure himself.

Penetration experts

The American Academy of Pediatrics records that children between the ages of 1 and 2 are at the highest risk of injuring themselves in the kitchen. At this age, children love to throw things and grab things from high places like cabinets, pantries, and refrigerator tops. Young children can move chairs and climb on stoves, all possible recipes for disaster!


How do the chair straps work? The process is simple. The straps secure kitchen chairs (usually chairs) to tables using child-resistant buckle systems (meaning the child won’t unbuckle them, no matter how hard they try). Buckle systems are easily adjustable and can work on any table system.


Many convenient and trustworthy online vendors sell chair straps, safety superstores, kitchen-capable kitchen direct sources and. It’s also a good idea to look at chain stores like Target, Walmart, and Kmart, which always carry various chair straps.


Cosco high chairs take remain made on the way to store when you don’t habit them. So, you can create them in a thin location, and they fit themselves in a small space. That’s why it’s significant that you know how to fold Cosco high chairs correctly to kind sure the security of your baby.

Finally, one thing is always to remember that the method of folding Cosco high chairs may vary from brand and model. But, if you know the central facts, you’ll remain able to fold it easily.

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