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Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is the process of creating, storing, transmitting, and understanding information and the methods of implementing these processes. Many compare the concept to computer technology as it has developed more rapidly alongside it.

Although the concept of information technology is synonymous with computers and computer networks, the image of IT cannot be limited to computers only.

Information technology includes components such as:

  1. Software applications and system tools
  2. organizational and procedural support
  3. computer parts that can be felt by touch

Why is information technology important?

Information technology helps create and grow the business sector and generates maximum profits. With the advancement of information technology, the time taken to develop a business has been reduced by various sectors:

  • It provides electronic security, storage, and efficient communication.
  • To function, this technology requires computer applications.
  • Computers connect computing to multiple institutions around the world.

On the other hand, they help the employees to keep a record of their many clients from different companies. It also allows patients to get in touch with doctors online and get advice about their health problems. Finally, the system allows proper management of patient history.

Stages of Information Technology Development

It is believed that computing started after the advent of computers. But its history goes back to ancient times when people shared data through cave paintings.

Let us look at the essential stages in the development of information technology:

Manual Computing

From ancient times to the late 19th century. At that time, the leading information technology tools were pens, books, and inkwells. Communication between people was done by sending letters, and their primary purpose was to convey information to the recipients so they could understand what was being said.

Mechanical Computing

From the late 19th century to the current day. The tools are the dictator phone, telephone, typewriter, and e-mail. The objectives and methods of communication are similar but more relaxed.

Electrical Computing

This era is characterize by the appearance of the first computer hardware and software, the electric typewriter, and the portable voice recorder, emphasizing the transfer of technology from form to content.

Electronic Computing (70’s To Present)

Computers of the time were becoming increasingly sophisticated, and Automatic Control Systems (ACS) and Information Retrieval Systems (IRS) were excellent. The emphasis is on creating meaningful information.

Computer Science (80’s Till Present)

The primary tool of this technology is the personal computer (PC) which consists of a set of computer programs to perform various objective functions.

Types of Information Technology

Information technology can be organized and classified according to various criteria. For example, based on their essential roles in society, we can differentiate between:

  • IT for Data Processing: Process automation is used to solve problems, calculate and predict results, and do anything that involves retrieving gathered information.
  • Management IT is used to contain or distribute information and allow it to be access by third parties, users, or other computer systems.
  • Decision Support IT: It is used to exchange data between one or more users and a computer system and to support decisions, such as social network algorithms or access to a newspaper file requested by a user search.
  • IT Expert System: One is used to develop artificial intelligence and predictive systems (highly sophisticated algorithms) that perform tasks impossible for the human brain and perform various professional and daily scientific tasks continuously. Provide support.

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