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LED light Write for Us

LED light Write for Us

The LED light is a solid semiconductor device that converts a low-intensity incoming electrical current into a highly efficient, low-consumption light.

The English acronym LED (Light Emitting Diode), which in Spanish means “Light Emitting Diode,” is an element capable of receiving a moderate electric current and emitting electromagnetic radiation transformed into light. It is colloquially known as a Luminous Diode.

LED Light Features

The light produced by an LED does not emit in the ultraviolet or infrared frequency range, only in the visible spectrum. It is a problem since it does not radiate heat. It requires conduction and convection mechanisms to dissipate it.

The better or worse thermal dissipation the LEDs have will influence their useful life, which can be reduced by up to 75% with ambient temperature ranges of 30ºC. The helpful life also presents high variability depending on the current intensity, avoiding programmed obsolescence.

Despite this, LED lights have the best efficiency values ​​on the market, around 70-90 lumen/watt compared to 16, for example, for halogen lights. It is primarily due to the absence of reflectors and their directionality, which minimizes losses.

Advantages of LED lights

Apart from their excellent efficiency, LED lights have another series of advantages :

  • Long service life (60,000 h)
  • instant on
  • Flux and intensity control possibilities without affecting its helpful life as occurs with fluorescent lamps
  • Excellent light directionality, allowing for a higher utilization factor and minimal light pollution
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • They do not contain polluting components (mercury, lead, etc.)

LED lights in everyday life

This technology could have grown much faster if it had not encountered a series of barriers. Although the most significant barrier to using LED lights has been the initial investment involved, the lack of specifications and international standards have not helped gain users’ trust.

Little by little, these systems are acquiring more experience, which means that LED lights are already establishing themselves in the efficient lighting market.

LED lights have more applications than we can imagine. Many homes have already incorporated LED technology as a lighting system, but LED lights are also present in traffic lights, information panels, outdoor lighting, televisions, and mobile phones… Even art has brought this technology to architecture, furniture in design, and even fashionable textiles.

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