The Best Lifestyle Apps

Lifestyle apps keep popping up in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, at least trying to make our lives easier.

Not only have some of our favorites undergone similar makeovers and changes but a ton of new apps have been created since our last search.

Fly Away

Whether you need to go home for a family emergency or are just on the spur of the moment, you’ve probably had to book a last-minute flight at some opinion in your life. Affectionately nicknamed “GTFO” (which usually incomes something, well, something more aggressive), Get the Flight Out lets you enter the name of an airport and see the next available flights to destinations around the world. This allows you to see and rate all your options in one place quickly.

Good news, folks: you can run almost any command of this nature using an app called IFTTT, or “If this, then that”. In short, IFTTT allows you to set triggers on various events. So, for example, you can get notifications about the things that matter to you instead of spending all your time manually checking the news or your social media accounts.

Yahoo! Weather

There are dozens of weather apps; iPhones even come with a default weather app. So why take Yahoo! to download

Yahoo! Weather remains one of the most beautifully intended and user-friendly apps I have ever seen. It offers more information than the typical weather app, but it includes the order in which the information is most valuable to the user.


Anyone who sees me knows that I like to log into various places on my mobile phone. So when Foursquare split into Swarm and Foursquare in 2014, I was pretty torn at first until I realized that both apps dramatically improved my experience checking in (Swarm) and exploring new places (Foursquare).

Foursquare City Guide

Foursquare is no longer used to store and share your location with friends. Instead, the latest version of Foursquare aims to help you explore new places in your current area.

Foursquare City Guide provides recommendations for original places to try based on other people you follow or topics that interest you. For example, if you indicate that you like Thai food, Foursquare will always notify you when a Thai restaurant is nearby.

Have fun

We all know it – you’re enjoying a delicious meal with a large group of friends. Then comes the bill. The conversation falters as everyone tries to figure out how much they owe. Maybe you have an accountant acquaintance who splits the account for you, or perhaps you have Divvy.

Divvy lets you split a check based on its image. That’s right, take a picture of the bill with your phone, and Divvy will do it for you. No problem: you can easily split classes by dragging orders from the check onto anyone you remove from your phone’s contact list. You can even include taxes and tips.


Whenever I order something online, I obsess over the following number to see when I accept the package. If you’ve ever ordered a original phone online, you know what I’m speaking about. Slice makes it so much easier.

Slice, a Rakuten app, checks your email for order confirmations or tracking codes. It is then populated with information about when you can expect your packages, when they’ll be ready for delivery, and when they will be delivered need to write long tracking numbers; all you have to do is enter your email, and you’re good to go.


Google Calendar is one of my most significant apps because of the ‘ organization of my time’. In calculation to Google Calendar’s event scheduling, you can also create and monitor new habits and routines through the app.

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