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Logo Design Write for Us

Logo Design – In other articles, we have been talking about the different types of logos that are use in the world of advertising and graphic design, as well as guidelines that the client must take into account before hiring a designer. Today we will talk about What is the creation of a logo.

Logos What are They for?

Remember that the main objective of a logo is for the market to identify a company, brand, or any entity relating them to their values ​​and services.

Many times before seeing the services or products that a company offers, we see its logo. How many times have we gone shopping and looked at the restaurant or store logo before entering. Our mind identifies the symbols we know and associates them with a company according to our perception of the brand we consume in it or its competition.

What is a Logo and What Types are There?

logo definition

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, a logo is a “peculiar graphic symbol of a company, commemoration, brand or product; as well as a group of letters, abbreviations, figures, etc., cast into a single block for ease of typesetting.” If we analyze these definitions, we can draw two significant conclusions:

  • A logo is a personalized symbol for a specific purpose.
  • Stamps are made up of a series of elements. That is, they are sets of shapes.

But to arrive at the concept of the logo itself, it is necessary to start from the premise that these “forms” make up different graphic groups that, depending on the elements used, receive one name or another.

Types of Logos

We can differentiate several types of graphic representations to identify a brand:

  • Logo: the logo itself is a word characterized by its typography. The letters are the protagonists of this graphic representation, as in our own FISHER Agency logo.
  • Isotype: this is the symbol or drawing that represents the brand. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words, like the giant Apple.
  • Image type: a combination of symbols with text. These are two independent elements that create a group but can be understood independently, as in the case of Banco Santander, Carrefour, and Adidas case.
  • Isologo: inclusion of the text within the symbol so that they form a single element. They cannot be separate. Can you imagine the image of Burger King without letters?

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