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Despite this intrinsic in world culture, marketing is a word from the English language. In English, market means to market. It can be translate. which is, ultimately, a study of the causes, objectives and also, results generated through the different ways we deal with the market.

What is the History of Marketing?

Defining precisely when it was that it emerged is practically impossible since this is an activity as old as the first exchanges and sales carried out by ancient civilizations. At that time, the strategies we know today were already used, with characteristics that were not so well defined but somewhat similar.

Communicating to show the value of your product or service to your consumers with the intuition of concluding a sale seems very basic, but it is marketing.

Nowadays, it is easy to identify which brand and also, companies work in Marketing in an exemplary way and which ones need to dedicate more.

Who Were the First Marketing Experts?

To evolve and stop being a handful of practices to dissuade the public, scholars developed and also, tested more efficient it methods, mainly from the 1940s.

Walter Scott conducted a brilliant study on the use of psychology in advertising, showing how the incentive to expected human behavior led to the consumer and also, how that tool is helpful for companies.

Bartels, Piolany and also, Peer Drucker study the “pure” market science in more depth, turning it into a form of practical thought, which for many was considered subjective, almost an art.

Well, about that, you may have some doubts. Still, when Drucker released his book “The Practice of Management”, entrepreneurs and investors began to consider as an investment to be consideredt

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