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Motivation Write for Us


Motivation can help any individual stay in action, achieve the necessary processes and also, implement the appropriate measures to achieve an objective or satisfy a specific need.

Each person has different motivations, and also, the degree of motivation they have to get what they want will depend on them. For example, an athlete who wants to participate in the Olympic Games will have to be very motivated to carry out the relevant training sessions, take care of his diet, win championships and accumulate experience to attend and perform well in that event. Or, on the other hand, a person who is going to start a university course because he wants to be a veterinarian and his passion is helping animals. He will entirely focus on learning and passing the exams to achieve his goal.

Types of Motivations

These are the most outstanding:

Extrinsic Motivation

It is something external to the individual. That which comes from outside and also, supposes a motivation to achieve it. Here the rewards that can be achieve come into play, such as job recognition, a sum of money, or a relevant position in an influential group.

Intrinsic Motivation

It is the type of motivation that comes from oneself, in addition to supposing a sensation of well-being and personal achievement since it is related to the objectives that a person wants to achieve to feel better. For example, dance classes improve our role in each class to feel better in all physical and mental aspects.

Negative Motivation

In this case, motivation is determine by avoiding something negative that can happen if we do not do something in particular. For example, a person who needs to lose weight and exercise is recommend to avoid health problems.

These are the main motivations related to the individual. However, more specific ones can be include within these groups, such as those associated with a particular task or intended to enhance a confident attitude further.

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