Razer Blackwidow V3 to the world of consoles, there is another faction, the PC Gamer. These two parallel universes, in fact, never miss an opportunity to collide and assert their reasons, especially now that the Next Generation is upon us. Beyond these aspects, however, those who play with the computer can enjoy unique accessories, such as a mouse, monitor and super customizable keyboard. It is the case, therefore, also with Razer’s new mechanical keyboard, the Black Widow v3, with some exciting features.

Despite the typically high price of many of its items, Razer makes some great gaming peripherals, and the BlackWidow V3 Pro is no different. Since it is wireless, you can easily use it with PS5 and PC. Which makes it a versatile gaming keyboard if you play on both platforms. You can also keep the keyboard connected via Razer’s HyperSpeed ​​Wireless on PC and Bluetooth on PS5. So you can easily switch platforms simply by changing the connection type.

Blackwidow V3 is Dedicate to Gamers, Ideal For FPS

Looking at the various technical features of this Razer BlackWidow V3, we find a series of tricks dedicated to the gamer. For example, this mechanical keyboard offers a different keystroke depending on the areas involved. This feature, therefore, allows you to be much faster in some situations, for example, in shooting games where reactivity is maximum.

The Razer BlackWidow V3 is also equipped with RGB LEDs illuminating the keys’ entire underside. These, therefore, can also be customized to create the most preferred lighting effects and combinations. At the moment, therefore, this product is sold in three main configurations: the standard wired version, with 104 keys, is priced at 899 yuan (approx. 112 euros ), Bluetooth instead costs 1,499 yuan ( 190 euros ), while the one with only Keys 87 is 699 yuan (approx. 88 euros ).

Razer Blackwidow V3 Compatibility

How to Enable Gaming Mode on ARazer Keyboard

How to Enable Gaming Mode on ARazer Keyboard

Game mode disables the Windows essential function to prevent accidental use. Also, you can maximize the effect of Anti-Ghosting by turning on the Game Mode feature. See   How to Enable Gaming Mode on a Razer Keyboard for more details and instructions.

How to Replace the Keys on A Razer Keyboard

Keycaps are replacing to improve the keyboard’s aesthetics and typing feel, upgrade to a more durable type or replace faded or broken ones. When returning keys, following the proper removal and reinstallation procedure is essential. See   How to Replace the Keycaps on a Razer Keyboard for more details and instructions.

How to Clean Razer Devices

Razer devices are built to last through intense gaming sessions and productive work. However, dirt and grime can build up over time and hamper performance and experience. See   How to Clean Razer Devices for more details and instructions.

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Solving Problems

Razer Keyboard Spamming Keys or Not Registering Input When Pressed

If your keyboard is spamming keys or not registering input when pressed, this could be due to a faulty switch, firmware, driver, or hardware issue. It can also be cause by the device being in “Demo Mode”. Check  Razer keyboard spamming keys or not registering input when pressed to resolve this issue.

Razer Keyboard not Working At Startup After A Cold Boot

It could be due to incorrect settings. Make sure the USB ports are not in hibernation mode. Check  Razer keyboard is not working at startup after cold boot to resolve this issue.

My Razer Keyboard Is Not Working Properly With A Specific Program Or Game

If you are experiencing issues with your Razer device in one app, please try the device in another app to confirm if the issue is specific to that app. If the Razer device works properly in another application, the program will likely cause the problem.

Apple Magic Keyboard

It may be design for Apple computers, but it works great with other devices. For example, you can use it with the PS5, which is a great option. It’s probably one of the slimmest keyboards on the planet, which makes it great for storage. Plus, the slim profile looks great. It also has these very inconspicuous keys that are easy to type on.

Okay, it has the Apple-specific keys instead of the Windows ones. But that’s not a big deal because you can still use those keys. They have a different names. So you can’t go wrong here if you’re looking for a super slim wireless keyboard at a pretty reasonable price.

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