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Share Market

The Share market is where companies can issue titles to find financing. Investors who buy these titles then become shareholders of the company and obtain dividends calculated from the profits made by the company thanks to this financing and in proportion to the number of shares purchased.

Thus, the Share market makes it possible to acquire titles of all the companies listed on the Stock Exchange in different world financial markets.

Organization Of the Share market

The Share market itself is divided into several types of needs:

  • The first market, which brings together the most important companies listed on the Stock Exchange and which, is a cash market. However, it is possible to pay your titles monthly by adhering to the SDR. To be list, companies must have a turnover of more than 75 million euros.
  • The second market groups companies of medium size but always very interesting. To integrate, companies must make more than 10% of their capital available to the public and publish at least the last two years.
  • The new market concerns young companies whose potential is evaluated as engaging in a more or less long term.
  • The accessible OTC (Over Counter) market, or literally “free,” is governed by the Euronext Paris market but is not regulated. The company must present the last two financial years and statutes to be represented there.

Operation of the Share market

The Share market works like most other financial markets, allowing you to place buy or sell orders for listed securities. The charges can indicate other conditions, namely the price conditions and the validity limits.

The orders placed in the Share market are made in an exact sense. Thus, it can be a character of priority based on prices in increasing order or in time, in chronological order.

There are two types of listing for stock shares, namely:

  1. The continuous quote or CAC concerns the most important values. In this case, the price has reviewed the life and in real time.
  2. The change set concerns the smallest values. In this case, the share price is quoted twice a day.

How do the Actions Work?

Stocks give you direct exposure to a company’s performance. The value of the shares will go up when the company’s performance is good and will go down when it is not.

Institutions known as stock exchanges facilitate the exchange of publicly traded stocks. For this, the company must go public, and the most mutual way to do it is through making a public sale offer (OPV).

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