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All though, a social network has remained defined as a group of public related to each other, be it business, friendship, work, family, etc. “Social networks” as we know them permitted these groups of people to see in a virtual environment, becoming websites complete up of communities of people with things in common.

And also, is that in their early days, websites only allowed for one-way communication and very little interaction. Today’s social networks highlight the users and also, the communities they form.

These sites facilitate communication and sharing of information (such as photos, videos, etc.) and allow them to meet new people and thus expand their network.

Think about the groups of friends you have, whether from college, work, or family. Each of these groups is a social network that you have.

Advantages of Social Networks

Companies and individuals can have great opportunities by using these media in an organized and also,  structured way.

Here we list some of the main advantages of social networks.

  • They help increase traffic to your website, as you can generate content that leads to your site. You can also share information directly from your site on your social networks.
  • They increase the awareness of your brand. Almost all social networks offer functionalities for companies, which help them build brand communities, spread their messages, etc.
  • They generate new connections in general. As I already mentioned, social networks help us make new contacts, such as new clients, suppliers, partners, etc.
  • They favour direct communication with users. In addition to providing a better service, this greatly facilitates the relationship with customers and helps to listen to them better to know how to attend to their needs appropriately.
  • They help increase sales. Small and also, medium-sized businesses can use the tools offered by various social networks to sell directly through them.
  • They are a tool for social listening and getting to know users better.

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