Super Health Pharmacy recognizes that our role in managing your health is vital. We recognize the responsibilities associated with dispensing any medication or recommending any medical device upon which your safety and comfort depend. We want to take on this responsibility to the best of our abilities.

Trust that buying from Super Health Pharmacy LLC for your health care needs is affordable, and you are getting the best possible service and pharmaceutical products on the market.

Health Screenings at Super Health Pharmacy

Health Screenings at Super Health Pharmacy

Would you like to get a health checkup without going to the doctor? We offer on-site health screenings that allow you to learn more about your health without seeing a doctor.

We offer different projections, including the following:

  • blood pressure
  • blood sugar (sugar)
  • cholesterol

Our highly trained staff can perform these exams to give you more information about your health, goals, and ways to reach those goals. Talk to a supervise member to learn more about our preventive health screenings.

Medication Adherence

It is estimate that 50% or more of the medications used for chronic conditions such as high cholesterol and diabetes are not occupied as directed.

Non-compliance with medication can lead to deterioration in health, hospitalization, and death. Whatever the reason for medication non-compliance, we have a solution for you. Ask one of our squad members how we canister help you today.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) at Super Health Pharmacy

Super health pharmacy offers a wide range of medical devices and consumables.

Super health pharmacy medical team may include, but are not limited to:

  • comfortable mattresses
  • support crutches
  • bed cushions
  • motorized scooters
  • diabetic shoes
  • glucose test strips
  • Safety bench for the bathroom.
  • adult diapers
  • underwear for men and women

Long Term Care at Super Health Pharmacy

Long Term Care at Super Health Pharmacy

As a Long-Term Care Pharmacy (LTCP), super health pharmacies provide long-term care facilities such as nursing homes with medication and pharmacy consultation services. As an LTCP, we provide ongoing access to a pharmacist and offer emergency medication delivery. Our main goal is to ensure patients have timely drug treatment access.

Medication Therapy Management

Medication therapy management, also known as MTM, is a term used for a program that helps you manage your medications and health conditions.

  • Do you take multiple medications for different health conditions?
  • Find it difficult to manage your health and medications?
  • Any side effects from your medications?
  • Do you have questions about your medication?
  • What is the best way to take your medication to get the most out of it?
  • Take any medication that requires strict monitoring, such as drug level B.
  • Have you been to the hospital recently?
  • Do you want to know if you are up to date with the recommended vaccines?

You could benefit from drug therapy management if you answered yes to any of these questions. With this program, our pharmacists ensure you get the most out of your medication. Also, our pharmacists can help you better manage your drugs and health issues to live healthier lives.

Flu and Strep Testing

Do you have flu or strep symptoms but don’t have time to see a doctor? It offers rapid flu and strep tests. It can be your one-stop shop whenever you feel like you have the flu or strep throat. Our highly trained pharmacists can examine you, test you for strep or the flu, and ensure you get the proper medication. Talk to one of our employees to learn more about our flu and strep tests.

Multi-Dose Pill Packaging

You may find that you have remained prescribed multiple medications and need to take them at different times of the day. It can be hard to see which medications to take and when.

It offers you a more effortless and safer way to take your medication. You’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before. Super health pharmacies offer multi-dose packages that group your medications by date and time. For example, all medicines that need to be taken in the morning are put together in one pack. Say bye to pill boxes, all your pill boxes, and hello to multi-dose containers.



CBD oil treats various health problems ranging from everyday ailments to chronic conditions. We offer all-natural CBD oils and extracts. Our pharmacists are accessible to discuss, educate, and answer questions about the health benefits of CBD products. Talk to one of our pharmacy staff followers today to see if CBD might be right for you.

Medication Synchronization

Have you ever had to worry about keeping up with your medication refills and picking up your medication? If you answered yes, you might advantage from a medication plan.

Med Synchronization, also known as Med Sync, is a program at the pharmacy to help you sync your medicine refills so you can pick up ALL your medications on one day of the month.


As a compounding pharmacy, we can create unique drug dosage forms based on your preferences and limitations. Examples include dye-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free, or sugar-free drug forms.

What is Compounding?

Compounding offers pharmacists an innovative way to adapt medicines to the needs of their patients. The art of preparation uses modern medicine while remaining true to the roots of the pharmacist’s profession.

Compounding pharmacies can create unique dosage forms based on patient preferences or restrictions. Examples are dye-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free, or sugar-free drug forms. Many compounds are combinations of specialty drugs or compounds in other states that are not commercially available.

Compounding medications are generally safe and effective for most patients who have discussed their health with their doctor and how a compound medication can help them.


Trust that buying from Super Health Pharmacy for your health care needs is affordable, and you are getting the best possible service and pharmaceutical products on the market.

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