Video Game If you’re heading to E3 to play epic games, meet your team, and hang out with developers, don’t forget to pack some reading materials for the plane! Discover your gaming partner with a digital subscription to one of our top 5 gaming magazines.

1. Edge

Edge Magazine is perfect for those who love to play on any console, from PC to Xbox, PlayStation to Switch, with various featured games that will captivate you in every issue. In addition, readers can stay updated with the gaming industry as Edge is pack with the latest news and updates.

Watch interviews with some of the most influential and powerful people in the industry and learn how they see the industry’s future with a subscription to Edge digital magazine. Looking for reviews of the latest games before you buy them? Discover in-depth reviews, insights and rankings in Edge Magazine to inform your decisions


110% Gaming, the popular magazine for young gamers, is packed with fan favourites including Fortnite, Pokemon, Minecraft and Sonic; it’s the most excellent magazine for budding gamers. Whether you’re looking for the current industry news, honest opinions on the latest games, or interviews with YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and game developers, you’ll find it all in every issue of 110% Gaming Magazine.

This magazine is pack with light-hearted articles on the latest gossip, as well as images of the latest games and characters coming to your screens. This magazine will captivate you for hours! Don’t miss the regular articles in 110% Gaming Magazine from Dan TDM and Ethan Gamer, sharing their best videos, their favourite games and revealing their best tips and tricks.

3. Official Xbox Magazine

If Xbox is your console of choice, you’ll soon be captivated by Official Xbox Magazine. The #1 choice for Xbox fans, you’ll find exclusive first looks at the hottest games, interviews with top game developers, and reviews of today’s biggest games.

Curious about how Xbox games are made? See how games are built, from level design to character development, with a subscription to Official Xbox Magazine. From in-depth reviews and also, guides to the latest games on sale to reader polls on the best video game characters of all time, you’ll find it all and more in Official Xbox Magazine.

4. Retro Player

Are you serious about retro gaming? Retro Gamer Magazine offers a wide range of classic games that shaped your hobby. Including Mortal Kombat, Sonic Adventure, Resident Evil 2, Pac-Man, and Robocop. Are you curious to treasure what the most prominent gaming names say about the retro games they make? Then get a digital subscription to Retro Gamer Magazine.

Retro Gamer Magazine is packed with classic and remake game reviews and collectable showcases. In addition, it guides you to help you to get the most out of your games. Save money when switching to digital media. Play mod console games, and play mod console games to get your games streamable. Retro.

5. Official Play station Magazine

Official PlayStation Magazine offers exclusive coverage of PlayStation games and also, players, from detailed gameplay to reviews of the latest games. With a wide variety of games to choose from, including popular titles like Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Fallout and also, and Battlefield. Whatever your style, you’ll enjoy reading and keeping up with the Official Playstation Magazine.

Speaking of all things PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita, you’ll find The Big 10, a regular column bringing. The latest industry news in every issue of Official PlayStation Magazine. Find out what games, and movies. And also, series are on the team’s radar and check out retro-style. PlayStation games with a digital subscription to Official PlayStation Magazine.

Whether you’re heading to E3 to experience and play the latest games firsthand or want to play your favourite video games from the comfort of your own home, enhance your gaming experience with one of our top 5 gaming magazines.

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