Vintage Halloween Decore: If you feel crazy about the vintage style and you don’t want your house to lose that attractive and suggestive retro air even on Halloween, today, from EstiloyDeco, we offer you some ideas and photos, so you don’t give up even the fun that Halloween proposes nor to your favourite decorative style vintage.

Your vintage Halloween will be memorable with petit-point paintings with reproductions of cats and pumpkins, old candy tins for napkins or candles, and porcelain or glass figurines (from the attic or a flea market ) missing an arm, a leg, an ear. But, of course, putting artificial cobwebs (available in cotillion stores) around those figures will be even better.

Tips and Trends in Decoration for Halloween

Tips and Trends in Decoration for Halloween

People have merged foreign celebrations with traditions, creating an environment characterized by its visual dynamism, creativity, fun and folklore. Therefore, these decorative tips will help you achieve harmony between the aesthetics and the particular style of Halloween, Day of the Dead and autumn.

Colour Palette

The tonalities are one of the most characteristic elements of the season because both in the décor for Halloween and the Day of the Dead, a selection of specific ranges predominates, which are orange, yellow and purple. The reason? Each tone has its meaning. Orange, for the Nahuas, is the only colour the dead can see on their return from the hereafter to the land of the living; yellow represents life, and purple means death. Their everyday use symbolizes the thin line between life and death.

The Entrance

Vegetation is a way to decorate the door of your house not only in spring and summer. Thanks to their colours, there is a wide variety of flowers or plants that are ideal for giving a touch of life to the entrance. The iconic cempasúchil flower, the Cassandra or the hummingbird flower are some options you can choose from. In addition, you can play with the design and colour of the pots.

In addition, the door can also become a great statement piece since here you can hang decorations such as flower crowns, plants, pumpkins, fruits or symbolic characters of the time.

Decorative Candles

This season is the perfect excuse to gather all your candle holders and candles  scented or regular and distribute them in the different areas of your home. Whether in the dining room, on a coffee table or in your hall, lighting candles will be critical in creating the atmosphere of autumn. Halloween and Day of the Dead. The different classes, heights and supports will add more visual dynamism. Just try to avoid flammable objects, such as curtains or near armchairs. This way, you will prevent accidents and damage to your furniture.

Natural Elements

One of the hottest design trends in 2021 has been bringing natural elements and textures into the home. And fall brings even more opportunities to experiment. For example, dried or fresh greenery and flowers can add natural pops of seasonal colour throughout the house. Likewise, you can try the style of your tableware, incorporating ceramics and pieces of earth tones.

Table Decoration

From centrepieces and tablecloths to plates, glasses and cutlery, the dining room is another space where you can play with decorations, adopting the look & feel of the time to your table. Depending on the style and atmosphere of your preference, you can choose from a vast catalogue of decorations. Orange tablecloths, leaf-shaped coasters or a centrepiece with pumpkins and pine cones are some options for a more discreet and stylish look. Small skulls, decorations with spider motifs or old vintage tablecloths will be your ideal option if you want a more ad hoc Halloween theme.

Carpets and Rugs

The dimensions and depth of any space can be easily transformed thanks to interior design. One of the means to do this is carpets and rugs. Like table decorations, your ideal rug or rug will depend on the theme of the season you want to adopt. Outside, you can choose one of the pumpkins inspired by the fall. Inside, you can choose thick material rugs and warm tones, such as brown, orange and burgundy.

Vintage-Style Halloween Decorations you Can Buy

The origins of Halloween go back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people lit fires and wore costumes to ward off spirits. But while it has become a tradition to deck our homes (inside and out) with spooky decor every October 31st. We can’t always get behind the creepy monsters of the night, the Freddys, Jason and Michael Myers. They are now behind everyone’s lurking corner.

From festive figurines to old-school art prints and party plates, you will be ready for all your Halloween activities this year and beyond.

Mini Flashlights

Dripping candle holders with melted candles look tremendous but need constant attention. These old-fashioned lanterns come with sparkling LED candles. Use them to cast a spooky glow on your Halloween dining table or line a podium for cute little tricks or treats.

Vintage Halloween Ornaments

Consider these vintage-inspired Halloween decorations if you’re looking for a low-key, kid-friendly activity. This set includes cut-out felts, cotton thread, sequins, and beads.

Skelly’s Pumpkin Carriage Ride

Get in the periodic spirit and adorn your mantel with a collection of vintage-style figurines, like this one of a little witch in a pumpkin carriage pulled by a big skeleton cat.

Music Box

Turn the handle on this music box, and also, you’ll hear a spooky tune that will enchant your next Halloween party. In addition, the wooden crate with its hand-carved scenes also serves as a decoration.


Believe it or not, there’s a lot of info about vintage Halloween you might not know. Like that party planning in the early 1920s would start as early as August or that apple-bobbing emerged as a popular. All Hallow’s Eve pastime (and superstitious matchmaking opportunity!).

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