What Is Voice Of The Customer (VOC)? – Business Landscape, And More


Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a period that defines feedback from your customers about their experience and expectations of your product or service—focused on customer needs, expectations, understanding and product improvement.

VOC programs have grown in prominence over the years and are fast-growing segments of critical business strategy for businesses. They’re great for brands because customers demand a more direct interaction with a company. Collecting and responding to customer feedback is key to understanding a prospect’s complex decision-making process.

How Companies With Voc Are Changing The Business Landscape

Customer-perceived quality and superior customer service have always proven to be critical drivers of business success. When your customers share their Voice with your business in real-time, they expect you to listen, act, and report on your progress.

To win the war on customer retention, you need to have a single view of your customers, market, and employee groups.


Zappos is known for exceptional customer service, and they measure it by asking how the interaction with the employee made the customer feel. In addition, Zappos wants to understand how brand and customer experience affect customers emotionally.

Building A Successful Voice Of Customer Program

Before you jump in and create a step-by-step plan to reach customer experience maturity, lay the groundwork. Too often, people rush to make a program without aligning all the factors needed to move forward in building a customer-centric organization.

By concentrating on the following six factors, you can successfully find customer-centricity throughout your organization.

Strong Leadership

Establishing a customer-centric philosophy starts at the top. There is little chance of having maximum impact for a customer-centric initiative without senior management buy-in. They must also have the support of lower management to make real progress in improving the customer experience. Leaders set the tone for their teams. So if a leader decides the customer is essential, his direct reports will follow.

Vision And Clarity

Your VoC vision should be specific so that everyone can easily understand the common goal. Start by focusing on the language and messages to convey your idea. Next, we recommend a short and simple mission statement to help you increase leadership understanding and acceptance.

Mobilization And Collaboration

An engaged workforce is essential to the long-term success of a customer-centric business. And the more employees engage, the more impactful and also, successful customer initiatives are through cross-functional collaboration and synergies. However, to truly engage your employees, you need to understand them. The best-proven way is to implement a formal employee experience program.


A systematic method of tracking and collecting customer feedback is key to improving the overall experience. Because customer feedback can be managed across multiple channels, it’s essential to build any listening program on a robust platform that can change with customers as their feedback preferences change.

Focus On The Customer

The customer should be the essential thing in everything you do, and you can’t assume you know what your customer wants. So to stay ahead of the competition and meet your customers where they are, you need to listen to what customers are saying about you, then act quickly. And you can do that by starting a proven Voice of the Customer program.

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