The iPhone 11 t mobile has long been the device that makes doing the basics super easy. Whether you’re texting, surfing the web, distributing photos or installing games, if that’s not sufficient for you and you need to see Everything your iPhone has to offer, there’s plenty more you can dive into. If you own the iPhone 11 t mobile, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max, there’s much to explore.

Of course, if you take one of the few older or newer iPhones and you’re already using iOS 14.6, many of these features and tips still apply. So grab your cup of tea, sit unhappily, read some of these tips, and get familiar with the latest software on your iPhone.

7 Useful Tips and Tricks for iPhone 11 t mobile

7 Useful Tips and Tricks for iPhone 11 t mobile

Ladies and gentlemen, we will reveal those little tricks that very few know and with which you can take advantage of your iPhone 11 t mobile to the fullest. Let the function begin!

1. Translate and Search Definitions Without Using Third-Party Apps

If you are one of the public who install the standard dictionary and translator apps or are constantly on websites of that style, let us tell you that your life has been dramatically simplifying. For example, did you know that the iPhone 11 t mobile has a dictionary and a translator integrated into its operating system?

To activate it, you essential go to Settings > General > Dictionaries and choose the Spanish dictionary as a Spanish-English dictionary. The next time you doubt a term, you will only have to select it and choose the Consult option from its floating menu. Simple.

2. Quickly Access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Settings

With the new Control Center, which is access by swiping from the top right corner of the screen, it is possible to activate and deactivate frequently used functions such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So you no longer have to go to Settings > Wi-Fi to activate these functions, since now you only have to display the menu and press and hold the Wi-Fi icon to see the available network.

3. Optimize Battery Charging

Everyone knows that if we leave the iPhone charging for hours at night, we will possibly forget about it and the smartphone will remain plugged in for longer than necessary. So naturally, this fact degrades battery life. However, things in the new iPhone 11 t mobile, iPhone 11 t mobile Pro, and iPhone 11 t portable Pro Max are different.

Just by going to Settings> Battery> Battery health, you can activate the charge optimization so that the device charges up to 80%. Its capacity stays in that range until shortly before we wake up since the iPhone calculates when to charge the remaining 20% ​​based on our historical activity or scheduled alarm time. It is one of the tricks for the iPhone that you will be most grateful to have discovered.

4. Silence Calls from Unknown Numbers

Suppose you regularly receive calls from unknown numbers, such as advertising or surveys. In that case, the new iPhone 11 t mobile operating system has a call filter that will prevent your smartphone from ringing when one of these numbers calls you. Just go to Settings > Phone and turn it on.

These calls will be forwarded to voicemail and appear as missed calls in the recent calls list. In addition, the iPhone detects if the number has recently been used in a message or email and allows it to ring to avoid missing an important call from a number we have not saved.

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5. Know by A Voice Who is Calling Us

Indeed it has happened to you some time that they have called you, but you do not have the phone at hand. In these cases, the new iPhone will be announced by a voice calling you according to the name with which we have saved it in the phone book. Thus, we will know who is on the other side of the line without approaching it. It can be activate by simply going to Settings > Phone > Announce calls and choosing Always.

6. Use Siri for Almost Everything

Suppose you thought that Siri was useless for almost nothing. You’re mistaken. It is true that Siri may not be the most intelligent virtual assistant and that it is often frustrating if you ask her to perform specific tasks, but do not lose faith in Siri.

7. Take a Selfie With your Voice

Admit it, and you’re one of those who take selfies (or even selfies ) every two times three. As you may have seen, to activate the front camera, you must follow specific steps that are uncomfortable without losing the magic of the moment. However, just by saying, “Hey Siri, take a selfie”, we will improve our quality of life less than a rooster sings.

In short, with these tricks for the iPhone 11 t mobile, you can take full advantage of its features, and your life will be greatly simplified. Don’t hesitate to ask the Banana Computer team if you have any questions.

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