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Inbound Marketing Write for Us

Inbound Marketing Write for Us

Inbound Marketing is everything you do to attract customers and also, is aime at generating traffic to the store. All though, remember that you already have the flow of customers. It is the one who lives very close and also, visits you several times a week, their purchase time is short, and their average ticket is low. So the idea when generating traffic is to bring in those customers who are not as frequent and come from further away, and what you offer should compensate them for the time and cost of their journey.

Inbound Marketing Journey

Inbound marketing is extensive regarding the number of components and also, the variety of media used in inbound campaigns. All though, an excellent way to understand all this is to take a broad look at the stages that make up an inbound marketing campaign.


The journey begins with a marketer creating a series of content about a product or service. In the early stages of interaction, they should be primarily informational resources that do not promote any brand: search engine optimized e-books, blog posts and also, videos with an explanation of the product or service, who uses it, and how to choose the best in its category. The company was also able to plan a series of live events and seminars across the country.


Once you have the campaign’s content, it is time to start attracting potential stakeholders.

The company launches a LinkedIn campaign highlighting some content resources it has created and also,  linking each post to a specific landing page about a particular resource. At the same time, when someone searches for related information, pay-per-click ads start appearing across the internet. In contrast, search engine-optimized content pushes the company’s landing pages to the top of the results pages.

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