fitness if you are a gym owner before a manager, you know that it takes a lot to run your business successfully. From scheduling maintenance and equipment inspections to scheduling staff and fitness classes, the number of moving parts can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily, there’s a simplified way to keep tabs on everything that’s going on in your gym’s operations. It’s called gym management software.

What Is Gym Management Software?

Gym management software offers a simple solution to increase organization and efficiency when managing a gym. With software like this, you can easily assign tasks to employees, process payments, manage inventory, and more, all from one central and accessible place. In addition, it acts as a platform for studio owners and managers to maintain their facilities and better manage staff and active members.

To determine the best gym management software. So instead, we’ve compiled our list of the best software options based on some of the most common features that gyms and fitness centres benefit from.

For one thing, excellent gym management software focuses on both the employees and the customers. Your staff and members should be able to access calendars, user portals, communications, and schedules, from lesson plans to work schedules, through the software of their choice. In addition, it should remain easily accessible to anyone who uses your gym, and member self-service reduces the time your employees spend checking in clients and verifying payments, to name a few.

Top Gym Management Software

1st Coast

The best program to manage your employees and fitness facilities.

The Coast is a great gym management option for managing your team and tracking important gym activities. With Coast, you can easily keep in touch with co-workers, share and manage schedules, create to-do lists, and manage work orders when devices go down. The Coast is available for mobile and desktop use and offers a free basic plan.

Main features:

  • Easily send information to your team and have everyone in the loop;
  • Make and track daily to-do checklists ranging from open and close lists to cleaning tasks;
  • Easily create schedules and increase employee answerability with automatic shift reminders;
  • Share the business calendar to retain your team up to date on important events, training and more;
  • Create, track, and assign work instructions to manage care at your facility.

2. Zen Planner

The Best Marketing And Branding Program For Your Gym.

Zen Planner is a comprehensive software that offers easy planning, member self-service, custom reports, and many other valuable features. The program also provides built-in marketing features to drive traffic to your gym’s website and eventually through your doorstep.

Main features:

  • Fast integration with other websites and programs;
  • Simplified and streamlined billing process;
  • Automated features allow studio owners/managers to waste less time;
  • The reporting feature allows for easy sales and revenue analysis;
  • In-app marketing increases gym membership and brand awareness.


The best program to take control of your gym

Glofox helps gym owners and managers run things more efficiently with management tools like creating membership plans, saving contracts and renewals, scheduling classes, and more. The software also tailors its services to specific fitness niches, including gyms, yoga studios, cycling studios, HIIT, and martial arts centres. In addition, Glofox offers a demo version of its program and discounts on some long-term payment plans.

Main Features:

  • Marketing tools help generate new leads for fitness businesses;
  • The CRM system speeds up the sales process and converts more visitors into members;
  • Quickly set up and manage your schedule and subscriptions;
  • The mobile app enhances members’ experience when booking classes, shopping, and interacting with their gym;
  • Automated emails and push notifications to deliver relevant messages to your member
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