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Cloud Computing Write for Us

Cloud Computing Write for Us

Few terms have been as popular in the technology world as cloud computing. Nowadays, it seems that everything occurs in the “cloud”.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing (or cloud computing, in English) is a technology that allows remote access, from anywhere in the world and at any time, to software, file storage and data processing through the Internet, without the need to attach to a private computer or local server.

In other words, computing usages the connectivity and immense scale of the Internet to host the most excellent varied resources, programs and information and allows the user to admission them through any computer, tablet or cell phone.

How does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing uses a remote server to connect user devices to centralized resources. A remote server stores all the data and programs you need and can be located in your own country or on the other side of the world, for example, in Japan. You can access them online from anywhere, even if they are stored miles away.

There are three types of cloud computing here: public, private and hybrid. If you’re a business considering using a cloud service, remember that your choice will depend on cost, availability, performance, and expectations. It is how each cloud works:

Public Cloud

These are computing resources such as servers and storage provided by third parties and available to any person or company that chooses to rent them. In this model, the customer is responsible for what is sent to the cloud, be it a backup, an application or specific files. In contrast, the cloud provider is responsible for the maintenance, security and management of all funds.

Private Cloud

In this model, the company keeps the cloud infrastructure in its internal domain and grants limited access to selected users such as employees and partners.

The private cloud allows the company to adapt the functions and support its needs. Since the cloud is designed exclusively for this, all processes are base on the company’s reality.

Hybrid Cloud

Finally, when we talk about hybrid cloud, we are referring to the union of the two previous ones, that is to say, the combination that allows data and applications to be share between them. Depending on business needs and strategy, some resources are used privately. Others are used publicly or bound by technology.

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