Convert Feet to Meters: There are several reasons you might need to convert feet to meters, such as when describing your height to a European friend or when a school assignment requires it. There are many metric conversion tools on the web, but this article will show you how to convert quickly and easily. In most real-world situations, all you need to know is that 1 meter = 3.28 feet, so divide a foot measurement by 3.28 to get the same meter length. Read below the jump for more detailed information, including steps to get your results in the correct units while demonstrating your work.

When a person measures length typically, the question of converting feet to meters comes to mind. But before we delve into converting from feet to meters, let’s first get familiar with how these units are use and where they come from.

Rest assured, we are here to explain the concept of these units of measurement. Its blog focuses on everything from defining these units and the relationship between ft and m to their difference and conversion process.

Let’s understand the two units without further ado by knowing their history, origin, use and conversion process.

What are Feet?

In the world system of units or SI, a meter is declared the base unit for measuring length and also, distance. ‘m’ is short for meters. It is the distance travelled by light at a speed of 1/299,792,458 meters per second. Its definition was revised in 2019 to make some changes and modifications.

Current Foot Use

The feet are use in the UK and also, Canada for daily measurements for various applications.

Foot Story

In 1959, a foot was describe as measuring precisely 0.30 meters. Before feet became associated with the standard unit of measurement, the current definition of foot was dominant in various cultural systems such as Roman, Greek, French, and Chinese, with slight variations in length. The length variation was due to the different human body measurements.

What are Meters?

What are Meters_

A foot is define as a unit of length measurement in the US and also, Imperial standard systems. In 1959, a foot was express as exactly 0.3048 meters. One foot is twelve inches, and also, one meter is three feet. ‘ft’ is short for a foot.

The foot measurement method has been using for various systems, including the Greek, Chinese, English, French, and Roman designs, which differ from each other due to the difference in length.

The United States is considered one of the few countries where the foot is widely use to measure length.

Current Meter Usage

The meter is the SI unit of length and is currently use throughout the world in many applications such as the measurement of height, width, length, distance, etc.

History of Meter

The meter was initially describe in 1793 as one ten-millionth of the distance between the North Pole and the equator. Consequently, this definition was changed in 1889 when the world prototype of the meter was use as the standard unit of length measurement.

The meter definition was revised again in 1960 regarding the specific wavelength of a particular emission line from krypton-86. Finally, in 1983 the final revision of the meter was carried out, which underwent slight modifications and introduced the current definition of the meter.

Relationship Between Feet & Meters

Meters and feet contrast in many ways, but they share a connection and a history, just like any other relationship.

The connection between meter and also, feet is shown as follows:

1-meter equivalents 3.280839895 feet or ft

One foot equals 0.3048 meters.

(In this situation, m stands for meters and also, ft stands for feet.)

How to Convert from Feet to Meters?

Converting from feet to meters is a simple process that only requires knowing the values ​​of both units. For example, you already know that one foot equals 0.3048 meters, so multiply the number of feet by 0.3048 to get the equivalent converted numbers. You can check the following formula to fully understand the conversion procedure from meter to feet and feet to meter.

Formula to Convert Feet to Meters

The only thing you necessity to determine is the theory of the mathematical expression. To do this, you must first learn the values ​​of meters and also, feet.

The value of 1 foot is equivalent to 0.3048 meter

The value of 1 meter remains equal to 3.28084 feet


The formula for changing meters to feet is:

Feet are calculate by multiplying meters by 3.280839895.

The method for changing feet to meters is:

Meters = ft multiplied through 0.3048.

Now that you have learned the formula, let’s change to some examples to understand the procedure better and help you with the conversion process.

The Difference Between Feet and Meters

Basis of Comparison Feet  Meters
Symbol ft m
Definition Feet are a base unit of length measurement in the US and British Imperial conventional system. Mt is a base unit of length measurement in the International System of Units.
Relation  1 feet = 0.3048 meters 1 meter = 3.28084 feet
Unit of  Length Length
Unit System Imperial/US unit SI base unit

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