Steelers Playoff Chances – The Steelers defeated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football in 17 weeks to keep their playoff hopes active. The Steelers struggled for most of the game before Kenny Pickett controlled the Steelers down the field for the game-winning touchdown with 56 seconds left on the clock. It was Pickett’s second consecutive week with a game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

The Steelers better to 8-8, while the Ravens let down to 10-5. It was a hard loss for the Ravens, but a win for the Steelers was sorely need since Baltimore is already in the playoffs.

Steelers Playoff Chances Take Significant Spike

Steelers Playoff Chances Take Significant Spike

The Pittsburgh Steelers playoff odds continue to increase, and entering Week 18 against the Cleveland Browns, they sit higher than they have for most of the season.

Only four weeks ago, the Steeler’s playoff chances sat at 0.01% as they just started climbing back to a .500 record. Today, only days away from their final regular season matchup, those odds have grown to 21%, according to FiveThirtyEight.

With a win over the Browns at Acrisure Stadium, those chances improve to 39%, without any help from other teams. For the Steelers to earn the final AFC playoff spot, they’ll need a win and the New York Jets to beat the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills to beat the New England Patriots.

It’s unknown what the NFL’s plan is for the Bills-Bengals game that was postponed after Damar Hamlin’s injury. The game will not be played before Week 18. It doesn’t impact the team’s playoff hopes but does change the Bills’ outlook for Week 18.

Can Steelers Still Make The Playoffs After Win Over Ravens?

Can Steelers Still Make The Playoffs After Win Over Ravens_

Results Update

The Steelers beat the Ravens and stay alive in the playoff race into Week 18. The Steelers can close a playoff berth with a Dolphin win and loss to the Jets and a loss to the Jets from the Patriots against the Bills.

4 P.M. Window Update

The Seahawks beat the Jets, which is what Pittsburgh needs. The Steelers must win Sunday Night Football to keep their expectations alive heading into Week 18.

Window Update At 1:00 P.M

The Patriots defeat the Dolphins 23-21, giving the Steelers some hope, but there are many roadblocks ahead of the playoffs. They need to beat the Crows in Sunday Night Football first. They could also use a Seahawks win over the Jets.

Steelers Playoff Chances: How The Steelers Clinch A Playoff Spot In Week 18

Entering Week 18, FiveThirtyEight puts the Steeler’s playoff chances at 22%, the lowest of any team still eligible for the No. 7 seed in the AFC.

Pittsburgh currently sits in the No. 9 slot behind the New England Patriots (No. 7) and the Miami Dolphins (No. 8), both of whom hold the same 8-8 record. Each would win any tiebreaker scenario over the Steelers, so defeat is not an option. A loss to the Browns automatically drops the Steeler’s playoff chances to zero.

However, a win or a tie keeps their hopes alive. But either one of those scenarios alone won’t get it done. Here are the scenarios that get the Steelers into the playoffs for the third straight year.

  • Steelers win vs. Browns + Dolphins lose or tie vs. Jets + Patriots lose or tie vs. Bills.
  • Steelers tie vs. Browns + Dolphins lose vs. Jets + Patriots lose vs. Bills

Steelers Playoff Chances and Scenarios Week 18: Eliminated Despite Winning

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ playoff scenarios entering Week 18 do not leave much room for error. With their opportunity of playing in the postseason not in their own hands, the Steelers will likely have half an eye on other results in the AFC. Let’s examine the scenarios that need to play out for Pittsburgh to make the postseason and the Steelers’ playoff chances heading into the final week of the 2022 NFL schedule.

Update Steelers Eliminated Despite Victory

The Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns 28-14 to give themselves a chance of making the playoffs. However, the Miami Dolphins beat the New York Jets 11-6. That eliminated the Steelers from the playoffs.

Steelers Playoff Scenarios To Watch for in Week 18

When you look at the NFL standings entering Week 18, the Steelers currently sit ninth in the AFC with an 8-8 record. While they are tied in terms of their history with the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh is at a disadvantage regarding playoff tiebreakers. The Steelers lost to both the Dolphins and Patriots earlier in the year. Therefore, they need to finish ahead of both regarding winning percentage.