Registered Office a company’s headquarters is a place where all business-related communication takes place. In addition to a head office, a company can also have a head office, a branch office, a factory or an administration. However, a company’s registere office in India must be registere with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs; a company may open other branches and offices without prior notification to the ROC.

The company’s seat in India determines the company’s heart (state of incorporation). The ROC is determin by the state or city where the company’s headquarters are located. The ROC must be notified within 15 days of a change of address at a company’s headquarters.

Why is the Company Address Important?

When forming a limited liability company, it is important to state the company’s registered office and submit the relevant documentation. Here is the list of documents that must be present when declaring a register office of a company during the incorporation of the company:

  • Electricity bill/water bill/property tax receipt.
  • NOC of the owner in case of renting the place.
  • Rental or lease agreement between the landlord and the company.

The name and address on the electricity/water bill/property tax receipt must exactly match the owner’s NOC certificate and rental agreement. It is not require that the register office is industrial or industrial property. Likewise, the headquarters may not be a vacant lot or a building under construction. The centre of a company can also be an apartment building.

If the company has not decided on the company’s registered office when applying for incorporation. The Companies Act 2013 also provides the ability for the company to provide a temporary address. However, the company’s registered office must be declared within 15 days of incorporating a company through the INC22 filing.

How do I Change the Registered Office Address?

Once a corporation’s register office has been declared by filing INC 22. In the event of a change of registere office of the company, the ROC must be informed. If the address of the head office is in the same municipality, this must be communicate within 15 days by submitting the appropriate forms.

If the change of domicile is outside the city, township or parish boundaries, the residence requires a special resolution approved by the company. In addition, if the company’s register office is changed from one ROC jurisdiction to another, the change must be approve by the Regional Director of the ROC. Visit for more information on changing a registered office address.

Types Of Seat Changes

A company wants to change location after some time. The registered office of a company must be change without notice. MCA has provided procedures for changing business addresses that the company must follow.

Types Of Changes In Registered Company Address.

  • in the same city
  • In the same condition and ROC
  • To another ROC in the same state
  • From one state to another
  • Let’s see in detail here:

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