A simple wallet is like having cash but from your cell phone. Learn how to use it and its benefits. The simple wallet or mobile wallet is a virtual reserve of money. It’s like having cash stored in our cell phones without the need for bank cards. With this simple wallet, you can send, receive, and withdraw money and top up your cell phone balance, pay for services, etc.

How does a Simple Wallet Work?

Straightforward wallets have a system that allows you to store and use money. It is unnecessary to have a bank account to use a simple wallet. Straightforward wallets only need a cell phone line. It is where the money is kept. The process of recharging money will be similar to renewing the balance of a cell phone.

With the money you keep in your simple wallet, you can make payments such as:

  • buy groceries
  • Pay basic services
  • Send and receive money
  • Recharge the balance for your cell phone

In addition, you can now make tax payments through your simple wallet. For example, if you are an independent worker who pays taxes under the Single Simplified System RUS, you can pay your monthly tax quota through your simple wallet.

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What are the Benefits of a Simple Wallet?

What are the Benefits of a Simple Wallet_

  • With a simple wallet, you will save time and extra money since you will be able to make payments without spending on transportation to get to the place of payment.
  • You will not have limits on the means of payment since you don’t need to open a bank account to save your money.
  • It will be a safer way to manage your money since you will reduce the constant use of cash.

How to Use the Simple Wallet?

How to Use the Simple Wallet_

  • The first step is to choose a simple wallet platform. Then, we will explain how to download and use the BIM platform in this case.
  • Download the BIM mobile application on your cell phone. This application is available for Android and iOS operating systems. Find the download links here.
  • After downloading the application and opening it, you must create an account with your cell phone data and ID number and make a secret password. Check the steps here.
  • After creating your account, you can approach an authorized agent(a warehouse, pharmacy, kiosk or other similar) to recharge your money in the simple wallet.
  • Indicate your phone number to recharge the balance and also, deliver the money. You will take a text message with your cell phone number to confirm your recharge.

How to Make Payments With your Simple Wallet?

Check if the trade or business where you want to make the payment accepts straightforward wallets as a means of payment. If positive, they will have a code that you can use to make the payment.

Enter the trade or business code and also, the amount to pay. To confirm the payment, you will receive a confirmation message.

How to Pay your Monthly RUS Tax With a Simple Wallet?

To make the payment of your monthly taxes in RUS, you can register to a unique simple wallet system with which you will not need a state-of-the-art telephone, nor will it be necessary to have internet.

You can join by dialling *838# on your phone and registering with your DNI number, DNI verification number, and also, creating a secret password. After joining, you can go to an authorized agent to reload cash in your simple wallet.


It is a new service that allows you to carry out transactions with electronic money from your mobile phone or website. For example, sending money to other users through your mobile phone number, withdrawals at the Infonet Network ATMs, and also, purchases in stores attached to the Network.

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