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Running a successful nonprofit with a huge team of volunteers is not an easy task. Apart from managing all your events you also need to handle volunteers successfully. Otherwise, growing your organization or even conducting successful events won’t be easy. But can you handle your volunteers without facing any issues? Yes, it’s possible if you take the help of volunteer management software, a complete solution for your nonprofit.

The help of technology has indeed simplified many complex processes. Your day with the nonprofit is not easy as you need to bear a lot of hassle every single day. But volunteer software can help you manage your huge volunteer base. Moreover, it can also automate a lot of other tasks that are tedious and not very easy.

Continue reading to find out how a volunteer platform can help you run a non-profit successfully.

How to Use Volunteer Management Software: 7 Useful Tips

How to Use Volunteer Management Software: 7 Useful Tips

1. Simple Onboarding:

This is probably one of the most tedious jobs that your nonprofit has to deal with frequently. But with volunteer software, you can just sit back and relax. Why? This software has features to store a huge number of applications and also organizes data properly. After you drop the hiring alert, let the volunteer software store all the applications from the candidates. You can also send emails to all the shortlisted candidates all at once stating the interview process. Thus, you can eliminate paperwork and save time while onboarding the right candidates.

2. Centralized Volunteer Database:

The capacity of advanced software is beyond your expectations. It comes with a centralized database that stores all vital information about your volunteers. Moreover, you can utilize this database to understand each volunteer and also their skills. It will also help you create a more comprehensive profile for all the candidates that’s useful for task managers. After all, they need to assign the right task to the right candidates. The database will also keep you informed about their preferences and availability.

3. Automated Scheduling:

Your task managers won’t have to worry anymore about volunteer scheduling if they choose volunteer software. Why? This software will also automate the scheduling process to do volunteer engagement with ease. Thus, there is no need to inform your volunteers one by one about their shifts or schedules. They will rather find it once they log into their profiles. They can see all the available shifts and log in accordingly. Moreover, they will also receive automated reminders about their preferred shifts or scheduled tasks. In case of sudden changes, all your volunteers will receive notification about the same.

4. A Perfect Communication Tool:

This type of software is also a perfect communication tool with its amazing features. Yes, volunteer software has features to send SMS, emails, and also push notifications. So, keeping your volunteers updated about all events is possible by simply sending emails or SMS. You can keep them informed or send reminders using the push notification feature. Also, sending messages to all of your team members is possible using this tool. Thus, stay connected to your team using this perfect communication tool.

5. Utilize the Calendar:

You must never forget this useful feature of the software. How will that help your organization? Plan all your events using this calendar in advance and stay ahead of time. Once you mark all the important dates on this calendar you won’t have to send reminders anymore. The software will send advance notifications based on the events marked on the calendars. Thus, you can also utilize your time wisely and increase your productivity.

6. Performance Analytics:

It’s also crucial to analyze the performance of all your volunteers. Utilize the analytics of your software that tells you a lot about the performance of each volunteer. This software tracks and records all real-time updates regarding your events and also volunteer activities. So, use the report to understand volunteer activities and the progress of all your events. This helps you track all the successful initiatives and celebrate your progress. Besides, the report also allows you to identify all the areas for improvement that you must work on.

 7. Integration with Other Tools:

It’s always great if you keep in mind the concept of scaling your infrastructure. With volunteer software, it’s even easier. Why? Such type of software makes integration with other software and tools easier. That’s why, you can increase its power simply by integrating it with CRM software or even email marketing tools.


Taking your nonprofit to a new height is now possible if you are ready to embrace advanced volunteer software. Moreover, you must understand its features well. Thus, you will be able to include and utilize it while making crucial strategies for your nonprofits. But how should you utilize the software? Keep in mind the tips that we have shared here. These will certainly help you make effective plans and conduct all your events successfully.