Sony wireless subwoofer and soundbar combos are the best you’ll find anywhere. They’re affordable and paired natively, so you don’t have to do extra work to make them work. The most associate from the start. However, sometimes there are problems connecting these sets.

Of the many Sony subwoofer packages I’ve purchased over the years, only one had this issue. However, it can be frustrating. Below I will voice you how to fix the problem when your Sony wireless subwoofer doesn’t connect (connects) to the soundbar.

Enhance your Entertainment With Sony Wireless Subwoofer

The SA-SW5 wireless Subwoofer brings deeper bass to our home theatre and soundbar, immersing you even more in movies and music. Feel factual entertainment become with clear, powerful bass and subtle low-frequency sounds.

Deep and Explosive Bass

With 300W of deep bass from a powerful 180mm driver and passive radiator, this Subwoofer amplifies the impact of everything you see and hear. Enjoy booming sounds and the most profound beats you’ve ever heard without distortion. You’ll also hear more distinct vocals and added fidelity for truly authentic soundtracks.

Omnidirectional Block Design

Our home cinema system, soundbar and optional speakers have been develope using a common omni-block concept. The SA-SW5 design is ideally suited for these systems. Its ingeniously rounded edges form a single solid block that delivers big sound. Moreover, the combination of noble material structures underlines the connection with every living environment.

Technologies of Sony Wireless Subwoofer for Premium Sound Quality

See The Technology Inside

With the latest audio technologies such as Σ magnetic circuit and separate notch edge, the SA-SW5 brings deep, rich bass and clear low-frequency sound to your entertainment.

Magnetic Circuit for Deep and Powerful Bass

Sony’s proprietary Σ (Sigma) magnetic circuit technology enables deep, powerful bass by maximizing the magnetic force driving the voice coil. By contrast, conventionally formed circuits allow much of this magnetic force to dissipate.

Separate Notched Edge

Separated Notch Edge, another proprietary Sony technology, improves vertical amplitude balance, which is essential for clear sound quality. It is achieve by concentric cuts in the edge that help control tension in and out of the membrane edge.

How to Connect Sony Wireless Subwoofer to TV?

How to Connect Sony Wireless Subwoofer to TV_

  • Connect the audio cable to the wireless transceiver.
  • Connect the last end of the audio cable to the AUDIO OUT/Image connector (female) on the TV.
  • Connect the wireless transceiver to the TV’s USB port.
  • Headphone/Audio Out is robotically set to Subwoofer.
  • Note: Depending on the location of the connected USB port, the wireless transceiver may physically interfere with other TV ports.
  • Location the wireless Subwoofer and connect it to the mains.
  • Note: It is recommend to place the wireless Subwoofer as close to the TV as possible.
  • The Subwoofer turns on automatically, and the picture indicator lights green when the TV is turned on.

The Sound or Low Sound Through the TV to the Sony Wireless Subwoofer

This solution only applies using the SWF-BR100 wireless subwoofer and a compatible Sony® TV. Each of these steps is a possible solution. Make sure there is still no sound from the Subwoofer before proceeding to the next stage.

NOTE: Before following these steps, ensure your TV has the latest system software update. Updates are available in the Network TV settings menu.

  1. Ensure the audio cable between the wireless transceiver and the TV is connected correctly and securely.
  2. Make sure the audio output setting on the TV is set to Subwoofer.
  • Press the HOME key on the supplied remote.
  • Select settings.
  • Choose the sound.
  • Select Headphones/Audio out.
  • Choose subwoofers.
  1. Make sure the TV volume is not muted and is at an audible level.
  2. Adjust the subwoofer level or crossover frequency.
  • Press the HOME button on the supplied distance.
  • Select settings.
  • Choose the sound.
  • Choose the wireless Subwoofer.
  • Select the subwoofer level or crossover frequency and adjust as needed.
  1. Set the Sound Booster parameter to ON.
  • Press the HOME key on the supplied remote.
  • Select settings.
  • Choose the sound.
  • Choose Sound Amplifier.
  • Choose ON

Why is My Sony Wireless Subwoofer Not Connecting to My Soundbar?

There can be several reasons your Sony subwoofer and soundbar are not connecting. First, make sure all cables are correctly connected. Although your Subwoofer can be wireless, it must be plug into an outlet to power it.

Check that these cables are plugged in and press the “Power” button on your Subwoofer. It should turn on the Subwoofer. If the Subwoofer does not turn on (and no lights or indicators on the unit illuminate), the unit or cable may be defective. Try a different power cord first.

If your Subwoofer turns on but doesn’t pair with your soundbar, you may need to restart your system.

Resetting your Sony subwoofer and soundbar is not tricky, but it changes slightly for each model. Next, we see some popular models and the method to reset them. Be sure to follow these steps carefully.

Reviewed of Sony Wireless Subwoofer

If you’re looking for authentic home theatre sound for your Sony Bravia TV, choose a sony wireless subwoofer soundbar system from Sony that comes with a wireless subwoofer. Like the 7.1ch HTST7 (Monster) or the 2.1ch HTCT770 (also very lovely). I own both of these sound bar systems, and I LOVE them because they provide home theatre sound with the addition of a powerful wireless subwoofer. The Sony soundbar system automatically pairs when you turn on the TV and works with the original Sony remote, which is nice. You can also turn off the sound bar, and your Sony TV will automatically switch back to the TV speakers for quieter playback when needed.

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