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Big Data

Big data is the term that describes a large volume of data that grows exponentially over time. Simply put, it is such a large and complex data set that none of the traditional it tools can store or process it efficiently.

However, this volume of data can be used to address business problems that you may not have been able to manage before.

Types of Big Data

1. Structured

Any data that can remain stored, accessed, and processed in a fixed format is called “structured” it. During this time, IT talent has achieved better results in developing techniques for working with this type of it (where the format is already known), and value has been derived.

However, today, we are anticipating issues when the size of such it grows to a large extent, typical dimensions being in the range of multiple zettabytes.

2. Unstructured

They are any data of unknown form or whose structure is classified as unstructured. In addition to being enormous, and unstructured it poses multiple challenges regarding processing it to derive value from it.

A typical example of unstructured it is heterogeneous [data] sources that contain a combination of simple text files, images, and videos, among others.

Today, organizations have a large amount of it available. But unfortunately, they don’t know how to derive cost from it because this data is in its raw or unstructured form.

3. Semi-structured

Semi-structured it can contain both types of it. They usually have a format that can be defined, but cannot be easily understood by the user and requires the use of complex rules to help determine how to read each piece of information. An example of semi-structured it is data represented in an XML file.

Breaking Down the 3 Vs Of Big Data

Volume: Such voluminous data can come from myriad different sources, such as business sales records, the collected results of scientific experiments, or real-time sensors used in the Internet of Things (IoT). The [data] may be raw or pre-processed using independent software tools before any analyzes are applied.

Variety: It can also exist in a wide variety of file types, including structured [data], such as SQL database stores; unstructured data, such as document files; or transmission of it from sensors. Furthermore, it can include multiple simultaneous [data] sources that otherwise could not be integrated. For example, a large [data] analysis project might measure a product’s success and future sales by correlating past sales, return, and online shopper reviews [data].

Finally, speed refers to the time in which large volumes of [data] must be analyzed. Every big data analytics project will ingest, correlate, and analyze [data] sources and then provide an answer or result based on a general query. Human analysts must have a detailed understanding of the available it and some sense of the solution they are looking for. Speed ​​is also significant as data analytics expands into fields like machine learning and artificial intelligence, where analytics processes mimic perception by finding and using patterns in collected data.

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